I woke up at about 7:15 this morning and decided to go ahead and get up shortly thereafter.  Amanda and Milly were up a little while after and I went to the store to get some syrup and mini chocolate chips.  Of course, I got the wrong chocolate chips.  I knew the regular-sized ones don’t work well with the waffles, but for some reason I had it in my head that the off brand packages, which are right next to the mini Nestle ones, were the same size.  They’re not though, and we already had a bag of those so I went back to the store for an exchange.  I did see Jennifer Sawyer while I was there.

I planned to make some major headway with the business today, but we ended up cleaning and rearranging the office.  It wasn’t actually dirty, but the desk was cluttered.  We ended up moving one end table, the one we put all our games under, upstairs to the bedroom and brought a small desk downstairs.  We put the old desktop on that so Amanda could do some work on it; work in today’s case being sorting through pictures for a calendar for next year, but future work being accounting stuff.

I finally got a haircut today.  Milly wanted to help, so she dragged one of her chairs to outside the bathroom and watched.  Amanda was putting the hair she cut off on a plastic bag in the sink and Milly told me not to touch it.  I asked her if she wanted a pillow made of Daddy’s hair, and she said she did.  I don’t think I’ll follow up on that one for her.

Amanda called me upstairs at one point and said I had to come see what Milly was doing.  She was saying she was full and was thrusting her belly out and walking around like that.  She looked so ridiculous.  It was very cute.

We went by Barnes & Noble for a bit on the way to the Frazelles’.  It’s the first time I’ve been there since they rearranged it.  They took out the music and videos at the back and expanded the kids’ section, putting it right behind their giant new Nook center.  They have a new train set (same one as before, just newer) and a table for Legos.  Other than that, the area is a toy store.  I’m wondering if they’ll move the books over to that section.  Seems they should have all the kid stuff together.

We ran into Todd Graham there.  I’ve seen Todd now and then at the bank when I drop off checks for Scott, but this was the first time in a long while that we’ve seen him out and about, and he had his two kids with him.  I think his older kid, Nicholas, was either a tiny baby or not even born last time we got together with them.  Laura was shopping somewhere.

After that we stopped by a grocery store to pick up some candy bar packages for Barry for his birthday.  They told us not to get him anything, so we figured it was the least we could do.  The whole Frazelle crew was there along with Michael and Christian.  Jenn wasn’t there because her sister and brother-in-law just moved down here this weekend and she was with them.  Cody showed up after dinner.  Nothing big to report there; just had a good time with them as always.

Anna had already decorated the house for Christmas, specifically so we (well Milly) could see it.  She really enjoyed the lit-up Christmas tree.  Anna pulled out a large music box with a train inside it too, and Milly stared at that for quite a while.

When we got home we put Milly down then watched an episode of Terra Nova.  I decided to go to bed after that, which is where I am right now.  Amanda’s watching an episode of Glee then coming up.  Kind of a role reversal, with me being the one in bed around 10:30 and her staying up later.

Zach Dotsey