I told Amanda this morning that I had odd dreams last night and the night before.

The one I had on Friday/Saturday was kind of complex, but the short of it was that Amanda and I were living in an apartment with a bunch of other people, mainly the cast of Community.  Britta (Gillian Jacobs) and I were being very flirty, and after Amanda went to bed Britta and I ended up in bed together with all the tension that entails.  We ended up not doing anything, but while in that position I suddenly remembered that I’d cheated on Amanda with her a few years ago.  Amanda asked me, when I told her this, how I’d forgotten that.  I think that came up in the dream too (though in the dream Amanda didn’t know anything about it), and I think I had felt bad about it and sort of blocked it out.

And why Britta, when I prefer Annie (Alison Brie) anyway?  I don’t know.  There were a lot of odd, mixed-up feelings in the dream though.

The one I had last night was entirely unrelated, but Amanda was helping out with Grow Zone at church.  When I went into the room she was volunteering in she told me right then and there that she was leaving me.

Amanda said she’d seen on TV just a few days ago that dreams of abandonment and infidelity are actually common when someone is stressed about their job or transitioning to a new one (or both, I guess, as the case may be).

Zach Dotsey