I was up early this morning, either because I went to bed before Amanda or because I have worry nibbling at the edge of my mind, or some combination of both.

I’ve found that when I get up earlier and go ahead and take a shower and all that that Amanda tends to sleep in a little later, which in turn sets us scrambling out the door more.  Of course, we should factor in the fact that Milly jumped in the shower with Amanda when she got up.  I’m really not meaning to say that it’s Amanda’s fault, but as a general rule it seems like the more time you make available to yourself on any given morning, the less likely you are to leave at your usually-scheduled time.

We went to church, as we do most every Sunday.  The service today wrapped up a series on marriage, which was a very good series.  I’m pretty sure we’re going to be doing it next in our small group.

David Andrews joined us today.  Jamie was not feeling well.  Anna joined us too, and Barry was not feeling well.

As usual we went to Atlanta Bread after church, then we went to Barnes & Noble.  Hannah and Maddie saw us while we were walking over there and were on their way there themselves, so they stopped and walked with us.  Milly held Maddie’s hand the whole time.  Cody later joined them at the Starbucks inside the store.

We also ran into Amy, Eli and Ada.  Milly and Eli played with the trains for a while, went over the the table with Legos and a coloring book then went back to the trains.  We grownups (and Ada, who slept the entire time) stayed over at the table.  I was enjoying the coloring book.

We stopped by Best Buy briefly because the wireless card from the desktop was moved to the computer that’s hooked up to the TV now, and we need internet on the desktop.  Oddly, we couldn’t find a PCI wireless network card.  I guess since they tend to come included in every computer now there’s not much need to keep them stocked.  Amanda later found one for $10 online.  I’m not sure if she ordered it yet or not.

After we put Milly down for her nap we watched The Soup, then I went to the back to do some work on Nextwave.  It wasn’t very productive though.  I just couldn’t get into much of a flow despite sitting at the computer most of the rest of the day.

Milly was sitting back in my office watching Backyardigans or Wonder Pets when she looked out the door and said, “Is it Bonnie and Cream?”  Sure enough, Bonnie and Cream were walking by the house, so I took Milly out to say hi.  She ended up walking down to the end of the street with Bonnie, Cream, one of Bonnie’s friends whose name eludes me and Butch a little dog whose leash they let Milly hold.

After Milly went to bed we watched Big Bang Theory and The Walking Dead.  Rick finally knows about Lori and Shane, and it looks like things are going to come to a head on the next episode since we found out that there are zombies who were fomerly relatives of the folks on the farm stashed away inside a locked barn.  That was one of the theories I had about who and what they were.

Zach Dotsey