The first thing Milly wanted to do today was play in her room, so we played in her room.  Milly had Rapunzel and gave me Belle and told me they were going for a walk.  They walked “outside” to her big box to buy some doughnuts, then they went to the zoo.  After that they were joined by Jasmine and Ariel.  They walked around some more, went for a tractor ride around the room a few times in a box then went for a car ride in another box before all heading downstairs.

As I was working, Milly “made” me some cupcakes in her play kitchen.  I had to blow on them and I couldn’t eat them with my fingers; she told me to use my fork.

We also has some conversations on her kitchen’s portable phone.  I talked to both Dorrie and Marlin from Finding Nemo.  When I talked to Dorrie I answered the phone: “Hey girl, what’s happening?”  When I told Milly that Dorrie wanted to talk to her, Milly answered the exact same way.

Since we set the desktop up in the office Milly has occasionally played with MS Paint using the Wacom tablet Chris Reeves gave me a few years ago.  She said she wanted to play with it this morning, but instead she just had me draw a bunch of things.  First it was Dorrie, Marlin and Nemo.  Then she had me draw Kooky, Anna, Cody (with purple hair), B,  and Adam.

Yeah, we had a time.  I got her to sing her ABCs then sound out a few letters before she settled down to watch a few videos (and get some work done).

Speaking of work, I feel like I made a good bit of progress today on my website and related items.  I converted my Brutally Honest Twitter account to Nextwave, though, thinking on it, I need to update the background.  Anyway, things are trucking along.

Hannah came over tonight to watch Milly while Amanda and I went to small group.  It was a muted night and everyone seemed a little tired.  Next week is our last week on Crazy Love.  This week’s chapter had me wanting to give everything away and feed homeless people from my car.

After we got home Amanda and I watched the end of the NC State-Indiana game.  It had been close throughout, but State ended up losing 86-75.  I watched most of the second half of Carolina-Wisconsin.  That was a pretty close one too and Wiscy got a five point lead on one point, but then the Heels went on a run.  I stopped watching with a few minutes left, but the final score was 60-57.  I think the Badgers hit a three at the end.

Zach Dotsey