Amanda saw on Facebook last night that her Uncle Bobby, technically her great-uncle Bobby, being her grandmother’s twin sister’s husband, was in the hospital, possibly from a heart attack.  Amanda actually found this out before her mother, whom she called to talk to about it.

When Amanda was on her way home today she told me that she’d talked to her mom and that Bobby had died.

I’m not going to eulogize, really, because I didn’t know Bobby Greene all that well.  I saw him every year at Labor Day and Christmas, and a few other times now and then, here and there.  He went to NC State and was a Wolfpack fan, he liked to joke and nap and he was a good ol’ boy from Oxford.

Bobby left behind his wife, Patsy, one son and four grandkids.  He never seemed to be the same though after his daughter, Kim, died of cancer a few years ago.  He didn’t joke around as much and he had a heaviness, a weariness about him, or so it seemed to some of us.  He was hung up on what Kim’s doctors could have done differently: If this, if that, Dr. Whosit should have done this or tried that.  I was thinking to myself today that maybe now he’ll see that she’s fine and have some peace about the situation.  We were talking in small group last night about how people who are dying can last longer when they have something to push for, and I think worrying over Kim and the sadness of her loss just took a lot out of him.

Maybe some family members will disagree with that assessment.  Like I said, I didn’t really know him all that well and I wasn’t around him with any regularity.

Amanda’s mom recounted to her today that when she last saw Bobby he told her it might be the last time they saw each other.  Amanda’s grandmother said that Patsy, Bobby, Joanne (one of her other sisters) and Pierre (her husband) were supposed to go to Beulaville soon to visit her for her birthday.  Peggy related to Amanda that Bobby said something about “if he makes it,” I guess when she was saying goodbye from talking on the phone to him.  Some people just joke like that, some people kind of know when the end is coming.  I don’t know which this was.

We’re heading to Oxford for the funeral sometime this weekend.

The rest of the day today was pretty standard.  Milly got up and we played a bit until she settled down in the papasan to watch some shows while I worked.  As I am trying to do, we did get some alphabet and numbers in.  We used MS Paint on the desktop for that.  Milly kept wanting me to draw letters, though she was really focused on L for some reason.

Amanda told me that later today Milly wanted her little seahorse toy.  Amanda didn’t know where it was and asked Milly if she did, so Milly told her it was upstairs.  Amanda went up twice to look for it and Milly kept saying it was upstairs, so Milly finally went up with Amanda.  She looked behind the door and picked up a basket, and there was the seahorse.  She’s really been demonstrating a good memory for things like that.

Another example is that every day since the Christmas tree has gone up Milly has said that she helped Mommy with it, which is true.  She helped put some of the ornaments on the tree.

I intended to do a lot of work this evening, but by a little after 7:00 I was feeling overwhelmed and took a break to go upstairs and be with my girls.  Milly was getting out of the tub when I got up there, which I was a little disappointed about.  I wanted to just watch her play.

Amanda’s tactic for brushing Milly’s hair is to have me read a book to her.  It keeps her (somewhat) distracted and facing (mostly) in one direction.  Milly got to choose two books and picked I Like Myself and Horton Hatches the Egg.  She actually read along with a lot of I Like Myself, but she wasn’t paying much attention to Horton because she was playing with toys.  Amanda was about done anyway, since we’d taken longer on the first book with Milly reading along, so I read the first page and the last page and if Milly noticed she gave no indication.

Amanda and I had both unspokenly assumed that all of our NBC Thursday night shows were going to be reruns tonight and were pleasantly surprised that they were not, so that’s pretty much how we ended our night.

Bruce has continued leaving slimy, runny poops in the bedroom during the course of the night.  He had one tonight around 11:30, though those held together much better.  Hopefully whatever’s running through his system will be done with this last one.

Zach Dotsey