I’d say the most enjoyable part of my day today was when Amanda, Milly and I finished our spaghetti dinner and sat down on the couch together to watch Horton Hears a Who.  Amanda had picked it up on sale while out with Milly to do some Christmas shopping.  (Milly got to pick out a birthday present and a Christmas present for Cousin Addie.)  Milly was excited to watch it, as evidenced by her constantly asking if I wanted to watch it.  During the movie she kept asking what was going to happen.

The movie itself was okay.  Not great, not bad, but what I liked was just sitting down and enjoying something together as a family on a Friday night after feeling as exhausted as I did by the end of the day today.

My day wasn’t particularly grueling, in case you’re wondering.  It started out with waffles and a good meeting then pretty steady work throughout the day.  I had a talk with Scott too, to discuss some transitioning.  He’ being very supportive.   Thing is, I’ve just been staying up really late lately trying to get things in order, plus there’s the stress of knowing that I’m going to be on my own pretty soon.  I did a rudimentary budget today too, and we’re not going to be quite so needy as I thought, which is good.

While Amanda was out she bought me a whiteboard.  We have one somewhere around here, but I couldn’t find it.  I’ve been wanting one for a bit so I asked her to pick one up while she was out.  I think it will help me feel a lot more organized and less overwhelmed.

Amanda and I wound down with some American Horror Story (way to wind down, huh?) and The Soup, which moved to Wednesday nights this week.  (Yes, I know today’s Friday.  Just mentioning it in passing.)

Milly was overall very happy today, aside from when we put her down for a nap right before I left for my meeting.  She played well and was just generally… happy.  She helped Amanda cook (and almost put her hand in the waffle iron) this morning.  This evening she brought me the Horton movie case and said it was a surprise for me.  I asked where she got it from and she said, “I made it for you!”

She’s been calling me and Amanda “Dad” and “Mom” instead of “Daddy” and “Mommy” some lately.  I’m not sure where she picked that up from; maybe hearing me talk to my parents?  Not that it’s a bit deal, but Mommy and Daddy are just cuter.  Anyway, we do this thing where she’ll say “Daddy Daddy Daddy Daddy!” and I’ll go, “Milly Milly Milly Milly!”  Today he came into the office and shouted, “Dad Dad Dad Dad!”  So I took her cheeks in my hand, pressed my forehead and said, “Mill Mill Mill Mill!”  She said, “I not Mill,” to which I replied, “Then I’m not Dad.”  It was all in fun, from both of us.  I gave her a kiss on the forehead and she seemed to get it.

Zach Dotsey