Potty training took a great leap today.  I was a little skeptical with how well it was going.  You see, several months ago, Milly got up from her table and walked to her potty, sat on it and peed of her own volition.  At the time I thought, wow, we’re really close!  After that she refused to even sit on the potty and regressed greatly.

I’m happy to say it’s going really well still as of today though.  She peed several times today, at least once or twice without being prompted or coerced.  The big thing though was that she even pooped on her own!  (Man, I’m such a parent, writing about this.)  Amanda was off at an office dinner at Indochine and Milly had recently peed in the potty.  In order to put something on her, but to still not put her in a diaper, I put some Yo Gabba Gabba panties on her that we’d bought a while back.  (It’s adorable to see her in panties, by the way.  And yeah, I know that can sound weird.)  Well, she came to me and wanted me to “Change-a biper,” which, as I explained, means she wants to poop.  I took the panties off and told her to sit on the potty.

Well, nothing happened for a while.  Michael and Jenn came over and we were sitting at the table when Milly went to go sit on the potty.  She was saying something like, “I did it, I poop,” so I went to go check and sure enough, she had.  Only a parent can realize how exciting that is.  Michael and Jenn joined me in being very excited for Milly, which was nice of them.  I told Amanda when she called to say she was on the way home and Amanda said she’d give Milly a tiny umbrella she’d gotten with a drink as a surprise reward for her effort.

Milly really liked the umbrella and was holding it over her head until she played with it too much and broke it.

After Milly went to bed we played Stone Age, which is a game Amanda and I played a bunch for a week when we borrowed it from Michael a while back.  I ended up winning with Amanda scoring one point less.  Michael was a bit back from her and Jenn was back a  bit more, but it was overall a very close game.  I apparently use pretty much the same strategy as Michael, which is to focus on building up the recurring food points, but due to Amanda’s strategy and the face that my turns were always right after hers, I was able to capitalize on it more than he was.

Backing up a bit, we had lunch at the mall today with Amanda’s grandparents, Anna, Michael and Jenn.  Milly got Jenn to ride the carousel with her, but Jenn put Milly on her own horse.  Generally speaking we hold Milly when she’s riding these things, but Jenn didn’t know that and Milly held on just fine.  What a big girl she’s becoming!

I had a meeting after lunch.  It was an instructional one as opposed to a sales one and it went a little long, but I really enjoyed it.  I’m thinking maybe I should get into doing it more often.

After Michael and Jenn left we watched American Horror Story, which, as I mentioned a few days ago, has really grown on me.  I’m wondering if they’ll have anyone left alive for a second season though, or if they’ll just bring in a whole new family.

Zach Dotsey