We didn’t get up this morning until close to 9:00.  Amanda got Milly and we lazed around for a bit before deciding to walk to the store to get some milk.  We ended up getting a few other things too.  There’s a cashier, Jennie, who always talks a bunch to Milly.  She said it brightens her day any time she gets to see her.  There was also an older lady who talked to Milly a few times in passing.  Everyone loves Milly.

We got our groceries and each picked out a doughnut then sat outside against the building’s wall to eat them.  Well, Milly and I sat against the wall.  Amanda went to stand in the sunshine to stay warm.  Not that it was really cold out today; it felt about like early spring.  In fact, if the wind were not a little chilly it might have just about been warm.

Amanda went out to do some Christmas shopping after Milly went down, and when she came back I left to finish up the consulting I did yesterday.  I really enjoyed that.  I’m thinking I should figure out a way to incorporate that into my regular services.

Amanda said something to Reece and Stephanie about coming over with Jacob and Emma Love so the kids (well, not Emma because she’s too small) could decorate a gingerbread house that Karen bought on Monday.  Amanda mentioned talking to the Andrewses about coming over too, but their boys are allergic to our pets.  I was away at the aforementioned meeting for a few hours and when I got out I saw a text that we were going over to the Johnsons’ instead, so that’s what we did as soon as I got home.

We had spaghetti for dinner, or spaghetti hooray as Jacob called it.  Milly was much more interested in playing with Jacob’s toys and it took a lot to get her to eat anything.  It was really obnoxious.  She did finally eat a bite of bread and a hardly-bite of spaghetti.  After dinner the kids put candy on the gingerbread house.  Amanda and I had glued it together with sugar caulk about an hour before.  This was actually the first gingerbread house I’ve ever been involved with.  It ended up a masterpiece.  (Where’s my sarcasm font?)

The kids went down a little after that and the rest of us played a game of Settlers of Catan and a game of Puerto Rico.  Reece won both.  Catan was a really close game, where Reece, Stephanie and I were all poised to win.  I would have done a lot better, but I was doing too well and often had too many resources.  Seven got rolled a lot, so I had to keep dumping half my hand.  (I realize that if you’ve never played Catan then that makes absolutely no sense to you.)

Reece won Puerto Rico pretty with a score of 50-something followed by Stephanie with 43, Amanda with 40 and me with 37.  The Johnsons owned us tonight, but I think we have a tendency to beat the Johnsons.  I guess you guys were due, huh?  (That’s assuming they will read this.)

As much as Milly was unsupervised today and with all we had going on she didn’t get to continue her potty training today.

Zach Dotsey