Bruce’s snoring last night was awful. Apparently mine was bad too, according to Amanda when I mentioned our chihuahua’s.

I was up late, Milly up early. She let me stay in bed just a bit, which was nice of her.

Spent time this morning outside drawing in chalk on the driveway with Milly.  She liked to sit in the middle of a circle and have me draw more circles around that one.  We took a walk to the end of the street and back. Sat on swing and remembered how she used to hold herself up on the chain while I’d swing.

Got my employer identification number and  filled out articles of organization for my business.

Lots of running around today.  Toys R Us, Kinko’s, pay check.  Karin, who is the person I usually talk to when getting my check, wasn’t there, which bummed me out a little.  Was talking to Josh (Sawyer) and forgot to go to bank, had to turn around.

Thought about the fact that after almost six years, this was my last Venuecom paycheck.

Went to Warkentiens’ for dinner. Milly and Eli played, Ada laughed a lot- she’s a very happy baby, we ate dinner and caught up.  Haven’t hung out in a while.

We played San Juan.  I won.

Zach Dotsey