Happy birthday, Jackson!  Actually, when I called to wish him that, he was unhappy at first.  I couldn’t quite make out the reason.

Today was my last real day of work with Venuecom, since Scott told me to take next week off to get my own business prepared.  Weird.  A little sad erasing my title at the bottom of my email replies.  I’ll still do some things for Scott here and there.

Amanda and Milly went out to pick up some things to make ornaments then spent some time on the porch playing with glass balls, glue, glitter and ribbon.

Took time for late lunch/early dinner at Olive Garden with the girls.

Milly is calling me Doctor for some reason.  No idea where she got that or why.  “Are you Doctor?”  “Doctor, let’s play.”

Michael and Jenn came by so Jenn could give Milly a gift- Barbie doll.  Milly had her two Barbies playing, called the new one Tinkerbell.

Watched Bridesmaids with Amanda.  Bonus Netflix video and the last one we’ll ever get I suppose.  Still haven’t watched True Grit, which has been here for a month or so.  Difference is I’m so busy trying to do things that I haven’t really made time to watch things I want to watch on my own.  I picked Bridesmaids as our bonus video because I knew Amanda would want to watch it.  It was pretty funny.

Zach Dotsey