Up late websiting. Up before 8 this morning. Had waffles then watched Grinch cartoon and others with Milly.  She got cranky, down to bed around 10:30. Don’t think she ever actually slept.  Then I did some more work.

Went to 2:00 service at PC3. Milly wore sparkle shoes and wings. She is now Grinch and I am Mr. Grinch.

Stopped at house to let dogs out, feed them and Cobb then headed to Beulaville. Sat outside when we got there and talked to Earl about being small and feisty.  There was a big guy who tried to pick on him when he was in the Navy and Earl slammed him against a wall with pipes and such on it.  The guy didn’t bother him again.

All Frazelles arrived then Mercer’s. Ate kind of late then opened presents. Got clothes, money and Ticket to Ride. Milly got a Cinderella doll and some bug toys. Didn’t care about much else until she got her hands on some blue ribbon. Amanda got clothes and boots.

Left around 9:00. Milly put out snacks and milk for Santa. Amanda and I cleaned up a bit.

Zach Dotsey