I’ve been pretty slack in keeping up with this site lately.  Yes, I’ve made notes for myself so I remember what happens every day, so I will most likely fill things in at some point, but I figured with today being the first day of the year I should go ahead and pick back up where I left off.

I started the first day of 2012 around 8:00.  I heard Milly so I got her up and took her downstairs so Amanda could sleep a little bit longer.  After Amanda got up and came downstairs I told her that I really wanted to make some strides with the content on Nextwave.  Aside from adding some graphics, I’ve got the homepage about how I want it, which is something, I guess.

After we put Milly down for a nap, which seems to have simply become “Milly lays down for a minute then romps around her room for a couple hours” time, Amanda and I played a game of Ticket to Ride and two games of Loot.  It was the first non-team game of TTR that I haven’t won since the very first time I played it.  Playing just two players is a lot different from playing with more though.  (At least that’s what I’ll tell myself.)  Loot is more fun with more people too, but I did win both of the games we played.

Last night a song by Band of Horses played on the iPod and I mentioned that they sound a lot like the Beach Boys.  Michael and Jenn looked at me like I was stupid.  I told them that every music critic agrees, but their argument was that they aren’t even the same genre.  I think they’re thinking of songs like Surfin’ USA and are ignorant to pretty much anything on Pet Sounds.  Not that I’m a Beach Boys expert or anything, but the vocals and a lot of the music are so similar to that style of Beach Boys music that I sometimes have to remind myself when a random Band of Horses song comes on that it’s not the Beach Boys.

At any rate, it was bugging me a bit this morning, so I got a link to the Amazon.com page for Pet Sounds, which includes some samples of the songs, then did a search for “Band of Horses and Beach Boys” or something similar then posted excerpts and links to several reviews and other things mentioning the influence of and similarity to the Beach Boys in regards to Band of Horses and tagged Michael and Jenn on a posting of all this information on Facebook.  I just wanted them to know that I knew what I was talking about.  From the response it was obvious Michael didn’t listen to any of the samples or read much of the excerpts because he said they weren’t at all the same; that one did happy beach music and the other did an ambient style.

I doubt either of them cares that much about it, but I do wish they’d at least listen to some of Pet Sounds so they’d would realize that I do know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, after Milly got up we all went to the mall so I could exchange a shirt that was too big for me.  I ended up getting two shirts in its place.

Amanda decided to make bake spaghetti for dinner, which she cooked while I watched the first half of Duke taking on Penn.  Duke ended up winning 85-55.  Ryan Kelly had a big game, which was good to see because he’s been a little quiet lately.  Miles Plumlee has improved too, so hopefully that will carry over to conference play.  Quinn Cook had nine assists and no turnovers, which is awesome.

I closed my eyes for a bit after the game, so I was in and out for the next hour or so.  We had a bit of a time getting Milly to pick up her blocks before taking her upstairs to bed.  She told us she was busy and her body language said that she was very put-upon with our demands.  She moved a bit when we threatened the corner, but after a while she said she wanted the corner.  I think next time she does that I’ll let her go in the corner, make her stay there for two minutes then just tell her she still has to do whatever it is she went there for.

After she went down Amanda and I watched the season finale of Terra Nova, which we didn’t realize was a two hour deal.  I like that they resolved a lot of stuff and only started a couple of new plots, in case it doesn’t get to have a second season.

Amanda has a knack for attracting nails to her tire.  We saw an alert on the dashboard that one of the tires was low today, so we filled it up on the way home from the mall and then Amanda asked Dave if he had any plugs.  He and Bonnie said they’d take it to the shop for us tonight.  However, apparently when Bonnie came over to get the key I told her it was the back passenger tire, when it was actually the back driver-side tire.  They couldn’t find the nail, obviously, so it didn’t get fixed yet.

Anyway, that’s how we spent the first day of 2012.

Zach Dotsey