I had a minor blowup of activity, well, more of a tremor I suppose, when I posted something like that on my Facebook wall today.  Yes, while I’ve been operating Nextwave Concepts for a little while now, today was the first full workday.  No Venuecom or anything else in the background, just Nextwave now.  I feel optimistic.

I kept pretty busy today.  I’ve decided that Mondays should be SEO day, so I set information to be gathered in the wee hours of Sunday mornings and reports to be generated and sent 24 hours after that (though one of the reports will only be sent once a month).  Then I can review the sites, offer suggestions or make tweaks or whatever else needs to be done.

Aside from that I had a few things from late last week and the weekend to take care of and followed up with what should be a pretty good lead.  I still haven’t had the time I need o devote to finishing up my own content, but I did make some strides towards that today and plan to do more after I finish this.

Amanda was off from work today, so at least I did get to work the full day without a whole lot of distractions from Milly.  I’m not sure what they did for most of the day, though I do know that Milly’s potty training continues to go well (that is, she’s not peeing on stuff when she’s not wearing diapers or panties) and she did take a real nap today.

We’re working on some attitude things with her.  She’s gotten herself in the habit of shouting “NO!” at us sometimes, so we’re correcting that just by being firm in telling her that she doesn’t talk to Mommy and Daddy like that.  She’s also quick to fuss sometimes, but she stops that real quick when you threaten to take something away or to start counting.  She’ll say “No!” when we start counting too, but at least that’s more like a frantic cry.

We played Qwirkle with Milly again today.  It’s a game that’s sort of like Scrabble, but you lay tiles down based on the shapes and colors on them.  Milly tends to cheat by looking in the bag and drawing the colors and shapes she feels like getting at the time, but she’s learning a little bit by playing with us.  At least I think she might be, since she was laying matching shapes next to each other.

She’s won two out of two games now.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with her picking patterns right out of the bag or me and Amanda choosing what she should play.  There were a few times she told us which tiles she wanted to use, but for the most part she just wanted to stack them up to make a tower.

After Milly took a bath and went to bed we watching How I Met Your Mother and two episodes of Once Upon a Time.  I can still mostly take it or leave it.  The acting is so-so, they do CG backgrounds when they could do easy sets and the characters are a little predictable. They did finally have one character realize he’s a fairy tale, but then they immediately killed him.  It’s a shame, because I liked that they were getting somewhere with that.

It’s going to be cold the next few days.  Really looking forward to that with the heater out and all.

Zach Dotsey