While Milly switched who she was several times today and did tell us that she was Milly on the way upstairs to her room at the end of her day, she was, for the most part, Little Puppy today.  I was Turtle.  Little Puppy and Turtle had some fun running around the house this morning.

We did spend most of the morning in the office though.  Our heat isn’t working downstairs, so in order for us to stay warmer and for me to get work done we went to the office (a much smaller space to heat than the living room, which opens up to the kitchen, hallway and upstairs).  Milly spent a bit of time watching Wonder Pets, but she also played with her letter magnets, which she has, for the past week or so, favored lining up and calling a train.  We worked on spelling her name some this morning though, which is something she’s kind of been able to do for a while.  Later on in the evening though, she was drawing on a piece of paper with a colored pencil and wrote some scribbled lines.  When she showed them to me I thought, “You know, that looks almost like she’s writing her name.”  When I asked her what it was she had drawn she told me, “I draw Milly.”  So yeah, she was writing her name.  Look at that picture and tell me she didn’t do a pretty good job for a two and a half year old.

I spent a good bit of time working on a search engine strategy, which I really hope pays off.  When I finished around 6:00 I went to play with Milly, who told me I was scared of snakes (some beaded necklaces) and chased me around the house with them for a bit.  Any time I got away from her I’d hide somewhere, like behind a door, then wait for her to come look for me then jump out and chase her in turn.

Milly continues to use the potty whenever she needs to, although she’s not a fan of pooping.  She was doing that just fine until recently. Now she cries and fusses and asks for pullups and refuses to sit down.  She told us tonight, “Don’t like poop.”  Who does, Milly?  Anyway, we have been cutting back on her dairy and other things that might make it more difficult for her and trying to make sure she’s drinking lots of juice and water.

She did do one thing new after peeing today.  She picked up the potty and dumped it in the toilet all on her own.  She did a great job until the dumping part, which ended up getting on her shirt and hand.  I was pretty impressed though.  We didn’t ask her to do that or anything.  Of course, now that she’s shown she can do that she’d earned herself a new daily task.

Amanda’s been trying to help me focus on content writing lately.  Today she sat down with paper and pencil and had me list all the services I’ll be offering and come up with prices for the individual service as well as package prices.  It was great because it got me to put in writing several things I’ve been somewhat ethereal about up to now.  Her whole purpose in helping me was to get me to finish the website, at least enough that it looks complete, so I can put more time into sales.  I’ve been doing some sales, but I haven’t started reaching out yet.

After that we watched an episode of SVU, which is a show that makes me never want to be a woman living along in New York.

Zach Dotsey