When I got Milly up this morning she told me she was a lion.  Then she said she was a mommy lion, then she told me she was Nala (Simba’s friend from The Lion King, for those who need a reference).  Then she said I was Grown-up Simba.  Then we went downstairs and spent the morning in the office so we could stay warm.

Milly continued her potty training and, as I said she would be doing yesterday, carried the bowl to the toilet to dump it every time she used it.  She didn’t get any pee on her hands or shirt today, since I helped direct how she poured it.  Not related to that at all, she also helped me make peanut butter cracker sandwiches.  She tried spreading them a bit, but I generally had to hold the cracker and direct her hand.  She did a fine job of putting one cracker on top of another though.

Simon and Monique Hauser went to Germany Christmas Day.  We told them we’d keep their car at our house so they didn’t have to pay for airport parking forever.  They only have one key and we weren’t around when they went to the airport, so they mailed it to us from the airport.  We live about two miles from the airport (if you could go in a straight line), but it only just got here today.

Anyway, Amanda and I went out there to get it, but it took us a while to find it.  I drove it home since it’s a stick and Amanda can’t drive stick.  I can, though I’m not a master at it or anything.  I’m always a little nervous when I first get into a stick shift car when it’s been a while since I’ve driven one.  I have to kind of warm up to it.  That said, their car, a Passat, switches gears very smoothly and I didn’t have any trouble with it.

We had small group at our house tonight, though we were two and a half couples short.  We spent most of the evening discussing what to study next and landed on The Five Love Languages.  We took some surveys and all the guys had similar results while all the girls also had similar results.  All three of us guys had physical touch and words of affirmation as our top two in that order, except for me because it was a tie.  I think the girls had quality time and service as their top two and I think all but one had physical touch as their last one.

Duke played Temple at 7:00, which was small group time.  I checked in on it now and then and I’m glad I did because I saved myself two hours of misery.  From what I could tell Temple was shooting really well and Duke was playing stupid.  They lost.  It was surely because I wasn’t watching the game and I didn’t put on a Duke shirt until I took a shower at 6:00.

Amanda and I wound down watching another SVU, though this one only made me afraid of the Russian mafia, not being a female living in New York.

Zach Dotsey