Milly reverted to Princess today as we once again huddled up in the office.  Amanda posited that we might just need some freon.  I suppose we need to call someone at some point.  Things are just a tad uncertain right now, ya know.  But anyway, we played with her blocks for a bit.  We built a tunnel around a largish musical train she’s had for a long time and then Milly built towers on that.  She used single-color one-peg pieces for each tower.  She likes sorting.

I made some good progress on my website content today before getting sidetracked with, you know, work.  Handled a couple things for my own clients then handled a Venue sales lead Scott tossed my way.  We had a discussion afterwards about how to handle that sort of thing.  At one point when discussing what to pay me I said something like, “If that works for you,” or “If that’s okay with you.”  He reminded me that I didn’t have to clear things by him anymore, that I can do as I please and he can either accept it or not.  It takes a paradigm shift, remembering that you’re your own boss.

That’s something that hasn’t fully sunk in for me yet, but is beginning to.  I’m my own boss now.  I make my own rules and I do things my own way, for good or ill.  The full impact of that is just beginning to set in.

Of course I was thinking about it quite a bit while Amanda and I watched Horrible Bosses tonight after we put Milly to bed.  It’s our truly last movie from Netflix.  They gave us a bonus one for Christmas and we sent that back before the end of the month so they gave us one more from our list.  We both enjoyed the movie more than we thought we would.  Lots of out loud laughing parts.  I liked a lot of the little comments made throughout the movie here and there.

Backing up, we took advantage of having an extra car today.  Any time we meet up with Amanda’s grandparents at the mall Amanda gets off work, drives home to get Milly (and me if I’ve got the time) and then goes back to the mall, which isn’t really too far from where she works.  Today, since we have the Hauser’s car, I was able to put Milly in Rosa’s booster seat and save Amanda the extra trip.  It worked out well because I went to a meeting and the bank afterwards.

I got a bit of ribbing for how Milly arrived at the mall.  She was wearing her red hat the the tassels and chin strap, which isn’t too big of a deal, and she was wearing her pink pea coat, also not a big deal.  The jeans I found to throw on her were a little too small, but I thought they were okay.  What I heard about the most was the sleeveless shirt she was wearing under her coat.  My excuse was that when I went to get her up from her nap she said she wanted to stay home and I suggested other shirts but that was the one she wanted.  All true.  If I wasn’t trying to hurry out the door and having such a hard time finding matching socks for her, maybe I’d have fought that battle.

Milly did get two shirts out of it though.  Karen was there today and decided to go buy Milly some shirts from Children’s Place.  The first one she showed us when she finally arrived back at the food court had a colorful and cartoonish skull and crossbones on it, which Karen didn’t realize until we all said something to her about it.  She took it back later and got something with a glittery kitty playing a guitar.

We ate with Karen, Peggy, Earl, Anna and Kirsten.  Right before I left Milly went up to Earl and said, “GP, wanna ride?”  Actually, I don’t know if that was a question or a statement, but either way it meant she was ready for him to take her on the carousel.

My meeting was with a client I’ve had dealings with for a couple months now, but hadn’t met in person.  It went well.  He’s a quick learned, which is always a pleasure.

After I got back I set to working on content more.  I’m finding that there are a few things I want to do with shopping and checkout buttons and the like that I might need to explore some more.

Amanda and Milly got home a little later.  I worked through the evening until it was time to put Milly to bed, though I did see them some.  Milly decided she wanted to brush Harvey’s hair, so she did that in the living room and here in the office.  She was very sweet with it.

Potty training hit a new benchmark today.  Milly told Amanda she wanted to pee almost as soon as they came home.  Even though her diaper was already wet from when they were out it meant she made the choice to hold it and wait for her pants to come off to use it.  She spent most of the rest of the evening in panties and told Amanda when she had to use the potty.  Previously she’d just pee in the panties.  It would be SO nice if we don’t have to buy any more diapers.  We’ve got just under two stacks left and we usually only use two a day (naptime and bedtime).  We shall see.

Zach Dotsey