Wow, it’s not 9:30 yet, but it feels like 11 or 1 or so.

Milly was Princess most of the day.  I was Grown-up Simba.

Built a cool tower with Milly this morning.

Working on pricing for things on Nextwave.

Had a meeting at Basics, talked about migrating a website and setting up social network management service.

I’m a popular guy, lots of meetings lately.

We tried putting Milly in pants with panties instead of a diaper.  Not working yet.

The Masons were going to come over but Callie got sick.  Trying again tomorrow.

Cyra came to hang out with Amanda and watch Crazy, Stupid, Love.  I took Milly to get muffins and go to Brilliant Sky.  Had a great time.  She was well-behaved, funny and engaging.

When putting Milly to bed I had crawled into her cardboard box and said something about sleeping in it.  She went to get me her paci, blanket, Nemo, Rex and a book to sleep with.  Very sweet and caring.

Amanda and I admired all our Christmas decoration this evening.  They’ll all be coming down soon enough.

Zach Dotsey