Went to the store three times: eggs and chocolate chips for waffles; raisins, chips and beer; corn and lima beans.

Put Milly down around 11.  She was acting horrible and almost got her first spanking.

Michael came over around 11:45.  I played one game of Loot with him and Amanda (I won) then Warkentiens showed up.  Ladies went to Costco.  Milly was up about 12, right as Amanda and Amy left.  Sort of played with Eli.

Michael taught me and Nick Pandemic.  A co-op game and we lost.

Duke at Georgia Tech game was on too.  Duke got up big early, five point lead at half, won 81-74, but it was close at the end.  Ryan Kelly hit 14 of 14 free throws.  Didn’t see enough of much else to say anything for myself, but Georgia Tech is supposed to be terrible this year.  Boston College at Carolina afterwards.  Heels rolled.

Ate lunch, Warkentiens left.  Attempted second nap for Milly.  Michael, Amanda and I played Pandemic.  Lost one then won one finally.  It really helps to have someone draw the medic role.

Masons came over.  Hung out, ate dinner, hung out some more.  Milly and Callie spent a lot of time literally running around the house screaming.  Played great, but Milly was very cranky right before bedtime.

Zach Dotsey