Church first thing.  Today marked the launch of the Leland campus, which was very exciting.  Anna and Barry sat with us.  Christian came out from the back (he was on drums today after being stuck with a broke-down car somewhere between here and Raleigh and not getting to bed until 2:00) and talked to me while I waited for Amanda to get Milly.  Talked about cute kids and how “we” were going to have to fight boys off for Milly.  Had a talk about the “we” part of that.

Also saw and talked to Allison and Greg, Scott and Donna Piner after the service.  Callie and Nola there too.

Atlanta Bread and Barnes & Noble.  Doing that still while we can for sure afford it.  It’s a nice Sunday tradition that I’d like to keep going.  Milly got on my shoulders while we walked from one to the other then got on my back, but she wasn’t really holding on so that didn’t much work out.

De-decorated the house while Milly napped.  Amanda did ornaments and inside decor, I did outside lights and took tree apart and upstairs.  Made instructions for myself for next year so I wouldn’t forget anything about the assembly process.  Amanda moved some little things around.  Nice to have more space in the living room again.

Showed Milly about half of The Little Mermaid.  She was less impressed than we thought she’d be.  Took her a bit to realize the Christmas tree was gone.

Went to Anna and Barry’s.  Hannah recovering from strep.  Short walk on beach, dinner.  Milly spent a lot of time carrying around and playing with a model rocket she found in Hannah’s room.  Even took it on our beach walk.  Watched Bambi, which we brought at Milly’s request.

Zach Dotsey