Okay, until I get to the point where I feel like I’m actually caught up with work, I’m going to be doing some very short, concise posts.  That includes going back to the ton of draft posts I’ve been meaning to flesh out.  So here goes.

Had another meeting today, which went well.  Getting swamped, might have to teach Amanda how to do a few things with websites.

Milly fell off the couch.  Amanda said she had her back to the cushions and just sort of tumbled over, hit her head.  She was upset for a bit and has a nice bump on her noggin.

Milly’s still sleeping in her cardboard house.

This morning she looked at me and asked, “Are we princesses?”

Went running with my new shoes and Nike GPS tracker that Amanda got me for Christmas. Thought I’d alternate taking dogs and figured Bruce would be good for an easy pace to just get back into it, but he started dragging and I took him back about halfway through. Right knee bothered me some, but not as bad as expected.

Amanda also said my snoring has gotten bad lately. Heavy breathing too. Hopefully this will help.

Watched  with Amanda tonight.  Thought it was really good.