Milly’s sleeping in more in her cardboard house.  Maybe it’s because it’s darker, or warmer or muffles sound a bit better.

Feel like I’m getting somewhere with my work.  Balancing between getting my existing clients moved to my server and filling out content on my own site.  I’m done writing, but I still need to add call to action buttons, figure out the best way to let people buy services, eventually add some photos or graphics and so on.

Made a couple instructional videos for a client.

Dreary most of the day and rained in the afternoon, so I didn’t go jogging.

Amanda’s been wanting to give Milly braids like Callie’s and Milly finally let her do it today, though Amanda had to rush so they ended up uneven.  At one point Milly only let Amanda do one side, so she had a braid on one side of her head and a loose ponytail on the other.

Milly’s had to poop all day.  Sat on the potty this morning punching herself in the stomach and demanding the poop get out of her tummy. Was upstairs this evening with Amanda and I heard Milly say she had to poop and Amanda frantically trying to get her (Milly’s) panties down and her on the toilet.  I was coming upstairs to help and saw that it was starting while Amanda was getting Milly there.  Milly was facing her so she couldn’t see it, and when Amanda put her on the toilet seat it made a mess because there was some stuff already on the way out.  All over the seat cover and Milly’s legs.  Hosed her off after she finished.

Cyra watched Milly while Amanda and I went to small group.  Started The Five Love Languages, which Amanda and I are both reading on digital devices.  Discussion was pretty decent given that it was an introductory chapter and the questions weren’t too involved.  Good prayer time discussions too.  Big news from one couple, but I won’t say because it’s early.

Amanda and I watched Supernatural then she went to bed.  Got an email from a client wanting to set up an account for his wife, so that’s really great.  Also got an email from Scott who has got the ticketing system pretty well set up for me to use.

Zach Dotsey