Milly’s cardboard house, which she’s still sleeping in, has ripped.  It’s a part that was already torn and somewhat repaired where the cutout for the door meets the bottom frame.  It’s still perfectly functional, but something probably needs to be done with it.  What I’d really like to do is to get some wood slat to put beneath it and tack or staple it to them.

I wanted to kick Bruce today.  I found a few really bad pee spots in the office last night, then today I had put a blanket Milly uses when she’s in the papasan on the floor for just a few minutes then came back and one side of it was soaked.  We just cleaned the carpet a week ago and now it smells pretty bad in there.  I’m not entirely sure what to do.

Milly told me a couple times that she wanted to pee today while she had panties and pants on, which was great.  And she held it, too.  On top of that, she’s not asking for candy every time she goes.  Amanda also told me that Milly pooped on the potty, so all in all Milly had a good potty training day.

Milly’s gotten to where she likes to call people “sweetheart”, which I think she got from her mom.  She was doing that with Amanda sometime in the last few days and I heard her call Eli that several times tonight.

Amanda spent all day gushing over the new apartments her company has remodeled from government housing.  I saw some pictures and they are really sweet.  Amanda said that if we didn’t have a house she’d want to move us there right now.

I had a meeting with an existing client today.  We’ve been trying to get together for a while and only just finally had a chance to do it.  Exciting stuff.  Also talked to the owner of the comic shop, said he might be interested in some of my services.

Went for my jog after I got home and took Harvey with me this time.  He kept up much better than Bruce, which is no surprise given their size and age differences.  I had to jerk his collar pretty often, but he never tried to run off or anything.  I didn’t run quite as far today as I did Monday, but I did go faster.  Having the Nike+ app really helps push me a little farther.

We didn’t have a babysitter tonight, but we did have a leaders meeting at church.  Amanda volunteered to go so I could work, but Nick and Amy had a similar issue in that Nick was working tonight and they didn’t have a babysitter.  Milly and Eli pretty much take care of themselves, so I said it was fine for me to watch them both,as Amy said she’d take Ada with her.  They were good, but I wasn’t able to concentrate with both of them around.

They sat in the papasan and shared the iPad, playing a find & seek game and being really good at taking turns.  Then they kind of did their own thing then we all went upstairs to play with Milly’s house.  Then I realized Eli had a really stinky diaper.  Thought about leaving it for Nick and Amy since I’d heard Amanda’s ringtone on my phone, but it was really, really stinky.  Plus Nick and Amy got back later than Amanda, so it was a good thing I went ahead and changed it.

Watched Virginia give Duke a bit of trouble.  Mike Scott couldn’t miss anything and Duke played terrible defense until the second half.  They were down four at the half but won by three, keeping several streaks alive.  Thankfully the Cavs missed a couple of threes at the end that I was sure would go in. If Duke would just keep doing what worked, like feeding the post (until Virginia started playing hack-a-Mason, because he went something like two for ten tonight) and would learn to rebound and defend better, they’d be such a good team.  Virginia’s pretty good this year, but this Duke team has a me a little worried.  I really hope they can pull it together soon.  They started the season looking really great.

Zach Dotsey