Milly’s name today was Friend.  Shortly before bed my name became Sweetheart.  Amanda’s name was Fishy.  That came about when Amanda and Milly were playing in the living room and Milly decided Amanda was a fish.  Amanda said that a fish needed water, so Milly went to the kitchen.  I came in from the office to watch the scene unfold and Milly wanted me to get a cup for her.  I then slid a chair over to the sink so she could fill the cup with water.  She did a great job getting off the chair without spilling anything, but she did spill a little just before she handed the cup to Fishy.

I worked pretty hard today.  I had Amanda look over the website to proof it and to offer suggestions.  I have yet to look at the list she made, though I did do some of them as she was looking.  I stayed really busy and took care of a few projects for Scott.  It’s funny having the choice now to do choose what I do for him and charge it.  Funny different, not funny ha ha.  It’s just a paradigm shift; I have to remind myself that he’s no longer my boss.  I don’t mean that in a domineering or demeaning way, just that he’s no longer my boss like he was for the past six years.

Despite all my work, I didn’t feel satisfied with how much I got done and what I’ve got still to do.  I’ll probably work a good bit tomorrow.  The cool thing is that it seems every day or so I’m getting mention of someone else wanting me to do something for them, which is awesome.  Just today Amanda said she heard from someone she knows who runs a clothing store in Raleigh.  (What’s up with me and clothing sites?  Not that I’m complaining, but I told Amanda I felt like I should become knowledgeable in fashion.)  Then Eric Boneske texted me back about a design I showed him quite a while ago, so we’re going to talk next week about a new site for him.

I stopped working a little after 5:00 so I could go for my jog.  I knew if I didn’t go ahead and do it I probably wouldn’t do it at all.  I took Harvey with me again.  Poor Bruce just can’t keep up, but I told Amanda that while I’m out jogging she should start taking Milly and Bruce.  Not when it’s cold like it was today though, of course.

And it was cold.  I wore a t-shirt with a track jacket and running pants with a tobog on top of my head.  My body was fine, but my hands and face were cold early on.  By the time I finished my hands and face were fine, but my hips were cold, of all things.

Harvey was a bit more distracted today than he was yesterday, but he did fine overall.  I changed my route up a bit, going right out of our yard instead of left and adding in the short parts of road that lead to the main road from our neighborhood.  I jogged a little over six-tenths of a mile before taking my first walk break.  I had my best pace so far.

When I got in I took a shower then Amanda warmed up some white chili.  We ate that then watched our Thursday night shows while Milly watched Blue’s Clues.  She was wired tonight.

One thing that was pretty cool was that Milly wanted to watch Care Bears on Netflix and Amanda saw Care Bears 2 (traditionally animated as opposed to computer animated) so she said something to Milly about watching old school Care Bears.  Milly said that no, she wanted to watch new school Care Bears.  Just cool that she knew, recognized and was able to express the opposite of something somewhat abstract like that.  (She ended up watching the old school one anyway.)

Milly’s been adding some new phrases lately, chief among them prefacing things with, “Hey, I know what.”  I think she get it from her momma.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this or not, but she’s been fond of saying, “Two more minutes,” when we want her to do something like go upstairs.  That one she’s been doing for a while.  She’ll also sometimes offer the excuses “I’m busy” or “I’m playing.”

Last week, I’m pretty sure I forgot to mention this, but Milly started listing up one foot at the knee and saying she was skating.  The only time she’s ever been on a skateboard was a week or two before Christmas when she saw one in Anna and Barry’s garage.  Maybe she’s seen them on TV a bunch.  That same night I taught her how to surf.  We’ll get on the floor, paddle real hard then jump up.

Anyway, after Milly went to bed Amanda and I played a game of Ticket to Ride.  Amanda won by nine.  I just can’t seem to win the one-on-one matchups, though I am still undefeated when it’s not a one-on-one game.  She forgot to connect to one city and I overextended myself when I drew a few extra cards and Amanda took the route I needed, leaving me without enough trains to finish two of my routes, negating the three extra route cards I’d drawn.  (I finished one and missed two, but the two I missed equaled the one I completed.)

Zach Dotsey