After getting up and eating waffles, spending a little time with the girls and working, I spent the following four hours or so helping the Boneske with their respective websites.  Missy’s site is already live, but needed some tweaking, and she needed some help with what to do with it.  Eric’s site was pretty much done, but there were some tweaks to make to it, along with adding some galleries.  It went live this evening.

It was my first time over there.  Dakota and Indy were a little shy with me, though they have seen me a few times before.  I got to meet the chickens they keep in the backyard.  They get two or three eggs a day from them.  Amanda and I would love to do something like that, but we’re pretty sure we know what Harvey would do.

On the way home another client called and said she couldn’t get to the admin.  I was passing right by, so I told her I would stop by and get her to the admin, but I couldn’t stay because I was late for getting lunch back to my girls.  The problem, which I figured out on the phone but couldn’t get her to see, was that she wasn’t putting the address in the address bar.  (It never ceases to amaze me how many people don’t know how to use the address bar of their web browser.)  I walked into the store, said hi, pointed the mouse, typed in eight characters, hit enter, smiled, gave a pat on the shoulder and said my good-bye.  It comes across as dickish writing it, but the client knew I was in a hurry and it wasn’t meant to be dickish.

Got some Cookout on the way home.  Worked until about 5:30.  Amanda and Milly went on a couple walks.  Milly and I spent some time watching random YouTube videos.  Anything from clips of  to videos of people playing cheap games about bathing babies or putting clothes on virtual dolls.  She really liked those.  I can’t explain it.  I mean there’s really nothing at all to them.  I also took a short walk with them right after I finished work.  Milly wanted us to hold hands and be a train, but we couldn’t walk well like that.  She ended up grabbing onto Amanda’s leg (and mine, later) so we had to take short steps while making train sounds.

Milly was not in a good mood going down.  She got put in the corner once for being upset when I was trying to help her with the iPad then again after throwing a fit going upstairs and not letting us brush her teeth.  When we told her she could come out of the corner after two minutes if she’d quit crying and calm down during the first episode she told us she wasn’t done crying yet and continued to bawl.  A minute later she just stopped and said she was done crying now and asked if I could make her happy.  I did, by showing her what I was trying to show her on the iPad, but I first had to explain why she was in the corner.

Amanda and I watched Thursday shows and , which I’m liking more the more I watch it.

Amanda steam cleaned the office floor today while I was out.  Bruce had made a mess of it recently.  Amanda’s thought about locking him up in the crate at night so he can’t do that anymore.  I’m going to at least make an effort to remember to close the door to the office at night and when we’re not around.

Total side note, Amanda and I have long agreed that , the episode of with Jack Black, is the best episode there is.  We agreed today that  is probably the second best.  It’s got the songs ,  and  on it.