Had leftover waffles for breakfast.  We all played a little bit of Hide, not Hide & Go Seek as Milly likes to hide but gets bored with the Go Seek part sometimes.  She went down at 11 and I made the mistake of mentioning future plans of room rearrangement to Amanda.  She was all gung-ho to switch the guest room and the office, but I told her today was the first time in months where I didn’t feel like I had work hanging over my head, so I wanted to relax a bit.  I told her we could do it the weekend after next.

I did end up doing a little bit of work though.  Got a hosting account referral so I set that up.

When Milly got up we went for a short walk with Bruce while Amanda warmed up some baked spaghetti, then we went to a new park off Harris Road.  I forget the name of it.  We’ve heard a good bit about it, and it was nice, but there were a lot of bigger kids running around and I kept thinking Milly was going to get knocked over.  We had a nice time there.

When we got back I saw that Maryland was giving Carolina a game, but Carolina ended up winning by nine after an unnecessary last-second dunk by John Henson.

Milly hadn’t napped but an hour today and was cranky this evening, but we put on Monsters vs. Aliens, which was on the free on-demand movies channel and all watched that as a family.  Milly snuggled up with me for a good bit of it and I thought she might even fall asleep.

After she went down Amanda and I played two games of Ticket to Ride.  She won both, so I still suck at the one-on-one game.  It sucks too because on the first game she beat me by about 20 points, even though we both completed all of our tickets and we had the same number.  I even got a ten point boost for having the longest train.  The second one I lost by ten.  It seems to really be about drawing some good routes.  In the first game I never had any big routes despite having six cards.  Oh well.

Zach Dotsey