Woke up a little late but got out the door earlier than usual, which seems to usually be the case.  We let Milly pick her clothes today, which consisted of a black skirt and a yellow shirt with butterflies on it.  Didn’t match at all, but it was cute.

After church we were joined at Atlanta Bread by the Masons (sans Allison, who was on keys at church today) and the Warkentiens (sans Nick, who was working at church too, of course).  Milly, Callie and Eli all sat together, with Milly sharing portions of her muffin top.  She and Callie sang their ABC’s together.

After that we went to Barnes & Noble, the three bigger kids holding hands the whole way (Brynn and Ada were in strollers, of course) for a bit to let the kids play.  Allison joined us there and I also talked a little bit to Adam Hicks, another church employee who was there with his family.  He’s someone whose name I knew and whose face I’ve seen around, but had never put the two together.

Went home after that, put Milly down.  Stopped by the store on the way home but then had to go back out to get some things for Amanda to make cookies and ran into Bonnie, who’s suffering vertigo, and Kevin, who I chatted with for a bit.

Back home Amanda and I watched The Soup then I took a nap for about an hour then got up to watch Duke lose to Miami, who had never defeated Duke at home before today.  Duke was down 14 points at the end of the first half, fought back and exchanged the lead a few times then ended with a tie at the end of regulation.  Then they decided to go 0-6 with free throws in overtime when they had missed only three the entire two halved before that and lost.  I thought they had momentum, plus one of Miami’s main players had fouled out.  Nope.

It’s so frustrating.  It’s frustrating to see the defense get shredded, it’s frustrating that they can’t consistently put together two good halves, it’s frustrating that they’re dropping streaks and records, it’s frustrating that they beat so many good teams early in the season but struggle against so many lesser teams.  I keep thinking something will click, but the light switch doesn’t seem to have flipped yet.  And now they’re going into Wednesday to play at Carolina.

I said before that if Duke played today like they did against Virginia Tech that, given how Carolina played yesterday against Maryland, I thought Duke would have a good shot.  However, since Duke didn’t, and actually lost to a mediocre team at home today, I don’t have high hopes.  Now, it could be that UNC, having played crappy while still getting the win, could be less pumped up than had they played well or lost.  And it could be that Duke, having just lost at home again will be ready to play with some heart and fire.  However, if I were one to bet I would put money on the Heels covering whatever spread Vegas puts out.  I’m actually kind of dreading Wednesday’s game, even though I’m usually amped all day whenever Duke and Carolina play.


After the game was over and I had gone upstairs so as to not show my simmering frustration in front of my two-year-old, we all packed up and went to the Masons’ house.  We got there right before Amy and the Warkentien kids and Nick got there a little later.  We were ostensibly there to watch the Super Bowl, but Amanda, Nick, Amy and I hardly watch any football, so it was mostly just to hang out.  The kids had a really fun time playing together and we enjoyed the snacks and the socializing.  Amanda, I think, was glad to go to a Super Bowl get-together where she wasn’t the only one who didn’t really care about the game.

We left towards the end of halftime and got Milly down sometime after 8:30 then watched Grimm.  That was over just in time to watch the end of the game, which was pretty exciting in and of itself.  The Patriots were down four points and  were close to midfield with 19 or so seconds to go.  They made a couple attempts and had a throw to the end zone, but didn’t complete it, so the Giants won.

That Duke loss is still bugging me.

Zach Dotsey