Just for fun:

It was pointed out today that Duke literally did not lead in the second half, and yet they won the game.  Think about that.  From the 20 minute mark to 0:00 Duke’s score was always less than Carolina’s.  And yet after the buzzer sounded, Duke had one point more.  Awesome.

Yeah, I was up late last night reveling in that.  It was hard to work today with all the chatter going on about what people are saying was one of the best Duke-Carolina matchups ever.  Thanks for giving that to us, Duke.  I’m still buzzing about it.

Milly took it upon herself to draw with markers on a piece of paper on her easel today.  I asked what she was drawing and she said it was grown-up Simba.  Then I asked if she could draw a face, which she did.  She made the mouth vertical and put it above the eyes though, so when I told her that mouths usually go under eyes she drew another one in the right place.  Then she drew some more lines and told me it was a leg.   After that she drew a spiral.  I asked if it was a snail, because it kind of looked like a snail shell, and she said it was.  (Pretty sure she was just drawing a spiral though.)

Amanda worked on a couple of presents today.

I made myself stop working at 5:00 today and went to take a short nap.  My short nap ended up being longer than I meant for it to be and I had to rush to get ready for a leaders meeting at church.  It’s pretty much always the same people, but we always have a good discussion with them, I think.  We got some ideas of some things to present to our group.

Kirsten watched Milly again tonight and said she was great.  She and Milly always have such a fun time.

Back home we got ready to go to the Rouge, I vacuumed upstairs (Cobb’s cat litter gets all over the place) and we watched the first episode of The River, which I think we both liked.  High creep factor, great production values.

Zach Dotsey