Spent morning with Josh and Jackson shooting arrows, BBs and pellets at targets in the field. Took them on a walk in the woods after that and showed them a bunch of the old buildings back there. Josh found a small deer skull with antlers and a jawbone. Jackson wanted to shoot something with his BB gun and eat the meat.

The Hausers arrived just in time for Monique and Rosa to leave with Amanda, Mom and Milly to go to Erin’s pole dancing party. I spent time watching basketball with Simon. Maryland took on Duke at Cameron and lost by 18. Great game by Miles Plumlee. In 2010 I watched a Maryland game at Duke while at my parents’ house. It was a great game by Brian Zoubek, and he went on to play great the rest of the season and become a major contributor in securing Duke’s national championship that season. Be great if it works out like that for Miles too.

Milly, Addison and Rosa had a great time playing together.  Jackson got to get in on it some too.  Emil is too small to have played with anyone, but he seemed happy trying to get into things.

Girls had lots of fun. Apparently Amanda had some nice moves on a chair. Everyone said so. She showed a quick preview for me after we got to the bar. I thought she was the hottest girl there. Some friends of William (also Amanda’s cousin) were talking to her, though she denied any were hitting on her. Compliment to me if they were.

Ate dinner then put the kids to bed. We all went out to Chapel Hill Underground, Amanda’s cousin Stanton’s bar. Had a fun time out, though my mom called and said Rosa and Emil were up and they couldn’t calm them, so Simon and Monique took our car back. Adam and I decided to ride in the back of Erin’s CRV on the way home.

Team Dotsey (Adam and I) teamed up in pool to take on Team Not Dotsey (Josh and Simon), but I was pulled away by Mom’s call so I wasn’t there for the finale.  Adam and I had a comeback but I think we lost.  Adam and I tied 1-1 in air hockey, though he had a better score differential.

William and some friends showed up.

Stanton invited us to Las Vegas to celebrate our birthdays. (He and I are two days apart.) Wow, huh?

Had a bit much to drink. That tends to happen when I’m out with Stanton. Had to stop the car twice. Yeah.

Zach Dotsey