Not sure what time I got up today, but I did get to sleep in some. Felt fine, if a little swimmy still. No hangover. I never really did get hangovers. I can think of only one time that I ever did.

Parents made breakfast for us all then there was a bunch of general hanging out.

Milly, Addie and Rosa played great together. Jackson played well with them too. They kept going upstairs and once I found Milly all by herself trying to get into the top bunk. Might have been there a while because Addie came downstairs and told me Milly needed some help.

Guys all went to the woods to shoot Dad’s .22 pistol and rifle. Jackson had to get fussed at a couple times, but overall he did fine. Had fun.

Left the house around 3:30. Mom gave me a card to fill up the gas and told me to get Simon and Monique’s too. Everyone loved them.

Headed home exhausted, though I never felt like I was going to fall asleep or anything. Just exhausted.

When we were getting on the Durham freeway Milly said, “My house isn’t in Durham. My house is in Wilmington.” Was very impressed with that!

Evening spent decompressing on the couch, Milly watching Super Why, Amanda and I catching up on things on electronic devices.

Oh, Whitney Houston died! Happened yesterday and I missed it.

Milly was in a very silly mood going to bed, just making silly noises and all. Maybe she was loopy from not sleeping at all today. Earlier she and Amanda were coming down the stairs and Milly gave her some stream of consciousness. Something about wearing boots and cold feet.

Amanda in bed around 9:00 after watching The Office from Thursday.

Zach Dotsey