Ended up staying up and watching the last two Harry Potter movies last night. No idea how, given how exhausted I was. I thought I’d fall asleep during them, but I did have to get up to go to the bathroom pretty often, so maybe moving helped me stay up. Had a Mountain Dew Code Red on the way home to make sure I stayed alert. Might have helped too.

Went to get Milly when I heard her this morning. She had a sundress she’d pulled off her clothes rack that she wanted to wear, but it was a bit cold. Karen arrived soon after. Played with her for a while then they went out.

Got a lot of work done. Finished up another site, should finish another tomorrow.

Milly’s gotten really good with showering. Stands under the water, pours water on her head. I think she peed in it today though. Was talking about pee going down the hole.

Amanda and I watched How I Met Your Mother then The Walking Dead. Glad to have the show back. Watched Alcatraz too.

Amanda went to bed, I watched 30 Rock then started a Spartacus, which is back on Netflix now. Thought about working instead but was tired and knew I wouldn’t be able to concentrate much.

Zach Dotsey