Duke hosted NC State tonight, and I don’t think most people thought it would be too much of a game.  Instead, Duke couldn’t hit anything, the Wolfpack scored at will and seemed to get every rebound.  They were down 16 at the half playing at Cameron.  At one point in the second half they were down 20.  It was embarrassing to watch, frankly, and I kept it on but wasn’t overly into it, as you can imagine.

Duke started getting within nine points, but State kept pushing the lead back out.  Then Seth Curry got hot.  Austin Rivers got hot.  Andre Dawkins made some dagger threes.  NC State owned Duke for the first 29 minutes of the game, but Duke manhandled the Wolfpack for the final 11 minutes, going on a 37-12 run to win 78-73.

Carolina and State fans joined together to complain about three Wolfpack players fouling out.  But, it’s been pointed out, State only had three more fouls than Duke at the end of the game, including one that was used to stop the clock.  They were also in the bonus earlier than Duke was.  But, they counter, the refs were biased because so many of the fouls on State were on their starters.  Yes, says the reasonable person, that’s because Duke has a lot more depth, so of course their fouls will be spread around more.

Anyway, I thought State showed their potential and got worn down by their lack of depth and excellent game management by Coach K.  Their new coach, Mark Gottfried, seems to have them on the right track and with the class they’ve got coming in next year they should be pretty dangerous.

In Milly news, my sweet girl was driving me absolutely crazy this morning.  I was trying to do some research for a sales presentation, but it just wasn’t happening.  She was being whiny and, much to my shame, I did end up yelling, though I apologized.  Still, she did end up in the corner for a little bit and she calmed down a lot after that.  She was a handful for Amanda later in the day too though.

On the plus side, Milly has shown that she can use the big toilet without her princess seat on it without having to be held or steadied.  She’d been doing great with the pottying.  We might even be ready to let her nap with panties on before too long.  Maybe.  I don’t know, I might not be that brave yet.

I took the car to the Volkswagen dealership today for some maintenance.  An engine light had come on and we wanted to make sure it was taken care of.

Amanda and I finally saw all of Monsters vs. Aliens tonight.  Milly’s been enjoying watching the movie to the point that she will sometimes name things Susan (a character in the movie) and she sings the jingle for the FX commercials that come on during it (as it’s on the Movies On Demand channel).  “FX, FX has the movies.”  Anyway, as often as Milly has watched it, neither Amanda nor myself has had a chance to see every part of it.  But we have now.

Zach Dotsey

Finally saw all of Monsters vs. Aliens

Car to VW