I was pretty much caught up with work today and it was nice out for the first time in a while, so Milly and I took a walk to the store today.  While we were there we picked up a few things, including the stuff Amanda would need to make some of her excellent sausage dip, which you see in the picture.  I didn’t get the right kind of sausage though.  I’m honestly not entirely sure what made me pick up a beef sausage anyway.

Amanda made that and cookies for small group tonight, which we decided to make a social night in honor of Valentine’s Day.  We had a good time and played Battle of the Sexes, which we guys won.  Yes, I’ll say that the girls could complain that they got the last question we counted wrong for them right, but the question was “What is the last event in the Olypmic decathalon?”  Something like that anyway.  They said it was a run, which is true, but there are several different runs in a decathalon, so we didn’t count it.  Anyway, we went on a run of four straight right answers for the win anyway.  They’d have had to answer three more correctly besides that one.  Maybe they could have, I don’t know.

As I said, I was pretty caught up with work today.  I had a few small things to take care of, some of it billable, some of it sales, some of it backend business stuff, like setting up meetings with an accountant and a bank.

Milly stubbornly refuses to poop, which is not new.  She’ll get really upset about it but won’t do anything to help herself.  At one point today she got very upset and pleaded with us, “Make me happy.”  The first time “happy” meant getting a bandaid on a boo boo on her finger that didn’t exist.  We didn’t do that.  A few minutes later though, “happy” was washing her hands.  We recently moved her little potty to the bathroom to use as a stepstool to get on her princess potty (just a ring that goes over the toilet seat so she won’t fall in), so she moved it in front of the sink and I turned the water on for her.  She got upset a little later and, for whatever reason, decided that washing her hands would again make her happy.

It is heart-wrenching though when she’s crying so hard and says “I want to be happy” or “Make me happy.”

Another thing Milly’s been doing lately is turning lights on and off.  She’s tall enough to reach most light switches now.  She can reach pretty much any doorbell now too.

Oh, she did poop eventually.  When Amanda went upstairs to get ready for bed she heard Milly’s breathing then Milly said she was pooping, so Amanda let her out.  We cleaned her up and put her back to bed.  At least we got to do most of the normal bedtime stuff, which we didn’t get to do earlier since we were at small group and Kirsten put her down.

Milly was up really early this morning too.  As usually happens in that case, Amanda got her up and put her in bed, put on PBS and pulled the covers up for her.  She let me sleep until about 8:30, but she did make a bit of a mess with some toilet paper.

Zach Dotsey