I didn’t enjoy the start to my day.  I took some clothes downstairs to put in the washing machine then, when I was taking a clean load upstairs, I noticed that there was a little bit of throw-up on one of the couch cushions.  Then I noticed it was on another, too.  Then I noticed it was on all three.  Then when I was taking the cushions off I noticed there was some on the floor (because one of my toes got slightly wet in it).

After I’d taken all the cushions outside to shake the crud off them then scrubbed them clean and put the couch back together, I went to my office and noticed that Bruce had pooped and peed in the office.  It wasn’t much, fortunately, but I was already annoyed.

When I got Milly up this morning (after I heard her banging on the door), I asked her where she’d slept last night.  I asked her that yesterday and she indicated she’d slept on the floor in front of the door, which is where she always seems to end up.  Amanda found evidence that she had gone into her cardboard house at some point, so our guess was that she wasn’t over sleeping in there yet.

This morning though, she told me that she had slept in her new bed, which is really her old bed shoved under her house-bed thing.  And when she went down for her nap, Karen told me, Milly crawled into the cubby area behind the bookcase and above the toy box built into the structure.

Milly was really sweet this morning and pretty quickly made me forget the irritation I’d had earlier.  We were playing on the couch and she buried her face in my neck and gave me kisses on my face.  When we  were eating cereal she insisted I sit at her table.

I just today thought about the fact that I won’t see Milly on my birthday, since Amanda and I will be in Las Vegas and she’ll be with Karen and Phil.  That made me sad.  I told Karen we need to make sure they get Skype.

She’s been back and forth about what she’s calling me lately.  Robot has been popular, and when she calls me that she expects me to talk like one.  She also calls me King, and when she does sometimes she calls Amanda Queen or sometimes they’re both Princess.  Today she burst into the office and said, “Zach Zach Zach!”  She also learned that Nana’s other name is Karen.

Milly told Karen that she, Milly, was her Mommy today.  They met Amanda for lunch and Amanda tried to explain that Nana was her (Amanda’s) Mommy, but Milly said, “No, that’s my friend Nana.”

Milly’s friend Nana stuck around tonight because she was staying at the Frazelles’ to go hang out with Anna some tomorrow. She made us dinner though, and Milly helped.  We had stuffed shells with green beans and rolls.  Very yummy.  I think Milly about ran her ragged playing with her after dinner, and she wanted Nana to lie down with her.  That’s my job, usually, but I didn’t mind.

Karen left after that.  Amanda and I caught up on Once Upon a Time episodes (we were two behind) then Amanda went to bed.

Michael introduced me to an iPhone game called Jetpack Joyride that I’ve been playing in just about all my spare time since yesterday.  “What’s that?  I’m uploading a file and that’s going to take a minute?  Okay, I’ll play.”  It’s awful.  Not the game, but how much I’ve played it.  It’s really pretty simple, and nothing too groundbreaking.  It’s a sidescroller where you use a jetpack to go up and down to avoid deadly obstacles.  What’s great about it is that you’ve got missions or goals to go through, like collecting a certain amount of coins or hitting a certain number of scientists or having a number of near-misses.  I’ve only got one left, which is to go 1500 meters without collecting a single coin.  That’s the other thing.  You get money to buy bonuses or new looks.  The only thing that seems to have any effect on the game is adding money magnets to the vehicles you come across.  Otherwise it’s all cosmetic.  Still, it gives you something to keep playing for.

Zach Dotsey