Amanda, Milly and I went to Reece and Stephanie’s for pancakes, bacon dinner.  They have a tradition of inviting a bunch of people over for a pancake dinner on Mardi Gras, but as Reece said, they dropped the ball this year.

Milly and Jacob played, but Milly kept wanting Jacob to play more, even tried holding him back from going inside.

After the kids went down we introduced the Johnsons to Ticket to Ride.  I ended up winning, but I thought Reece might.  He had a good lead during the game and had the longest track.

Also watched NC State take on Carolina, which sadly turned out the way I thought it would.  It was close throughout the first half, but State never could get over the hump and lost.  I even wore the only red shirt I could find; a Mount Olive pickles shirt Amanda sometimes wears to bed.  Told Reece our loaner car (our car is in the shop getting the paint on the passenger mirror repaired from where it just seems to be wearing off or not put on right in the first place) was red just so we could support the Pack.

Milly started calling me Sir today.

Zach Dotsey