Milly decided to get up around 6:15 this morning and start knocking on the door.  I got her pretty quickly to try to avoid her waking Graelyn up too, which was a success.  However, where Milly usually watches TV and lets me sleep, she moved around and made a bunch of noise, and this on a Monday where Amanda had purposefully taken the morning off, since the Lambeths were leaving around or after lunch.  Needless to say, Amanda and I didn’t get to sleep in as much as we’d have liked.

Ben and I went to the store to pick up some biscuits and eggs, which we ate for breakfast (though Ben did not, as he does not eat eggs), then we all went downtown to the Children’s Museum of Wilmington.  It had nothing on the one we went to in Rochester, but I was surprised at how large it was and how much stuff it did have in it.

We were there for a couple hours, then the Lambeths had to head back to our place to get ready to leave and Amanda had to go to work.  She opted for a half day since she’ll be short on hours with our upcoming trip to Las Vegas.

Milly showed signs of being a little sick this morning and it hit her pretty hard on the way home.  She mostly cried the whole way back then she cried when we got home.  I put her down to sleep and had to go up several times before she finally quieted down, though she missed seeing off our friends.

Milly didn’t sleep long either; maybe an hour and a half.  I had a couple tough things I was working on today and didn’t get much done, which is peachy because I’ve only got tomorrow and the next day to get any real work done, and I expect she won’t be feeling well tomorrow either.

Amanda’s college friend Robin and her boyfriend Aaron were in town today.  Robin loves Wilmington and he was off, so they came down and stopped by to hang out for dinner, which was Flaming Amy’s takeout.  They picked a pretty poor day to come down.  It was dreary most of the day, it was cold on the beach and Milly was sick.

Tonight’s been pretty tough already.  I can’t remember how many times I’ve gone upstairs to try to quiet her down.  I ended up putting dirty sheets back on the guest bed because Amanda said she wasn’t sure where the clean ones are right now and she just came down to sleep in there.  I’ll be joining her in a minute.

There is one plus side to all this though, and it’s not the fact that Amanda and I are both tired or that our noses are a little stuffy and our throats a little scratchy right before going on a really exciting trip.  No, the plus side happened when I was putting sheets on the bed and felt my foot knock a plastic cup that was under the bed further under the bed.  I decided to pick it up and when I did I saw my training ring.

My training ring is a sliver ring with some scroll work on it that Amanda gave not too long before we got married because I had never worn a ring before, so it was to help me get used to the feeling.  It was a very sweet gift.

Well, a couple years ago I went surfing one day and I put both my training ring and my wedding ring in my pants (or shorts?) pocket, which I later realized had a hole in it when I couldn’t find either ring.  We’d been at Anna and Barry’s house and ate at PT’s after, so there was no telling where it was.  It was even thought that it might have been in the sand on the beach since I couldn’t remember if I’d taken them off before walking out there to check the surf or if I’d even been in my trunks already at that point.

So anyway, I found my training ring under the guest bed of all places.  Maybe I took a nap in there that day and it fell out of my pocket then.  I don’t know.  I looked under the bed with a light, but I couldn’t find my old wedding ring.  Regardless though, it gives me hope.

Zach Dotsey