I wasn’t sure what to expect out of Duke’s game against Florida State tonight.  As you may recall, Florida State beat Duke on a buzzer beater at Cameron last time they met.  Florida State is a bad matchup for Duke on paper, but Duke has been playing better of late.  I thought Duke had a pretty good chance to get revenge, but I felt it could go either way.  Remaining tied with Carolina for first in the ACC was also on the line for both teams.  The week started with Duke, Florida State and Carolina all tied for first, but Carolina beat State to secure their place at least for a few more days.  One of the other teams had to lose though.

As it turned out, Duke remains tied with their rivals at the top of the ACC and the Seminoles are a game back.  For the first time in a while Duke came out pretty strong and played some good defense.  Andre Dawkins was on fire.  I think he had something like 18 points in the first half.  The bigs were all in foul trouble in the first half and, to be honest the officiating was terrible and uneven, but I really shouldn’t go there so I won’t go on about it.  It was a great win though.  FSU kept making little runs to get close, but Duke held them off and won 74-66, getting a notch for another ranked team.  They played tough against a lot of adversity and I’m looking forward to seeing how they finish off the regular season.

Milly was still in bed at 8:00 this morning.  Not just in her room, but actually in bed.  That’s been a rarity for a while.  I got her up though and we played for a bit before I tried distracting her with some Yo Gabba Gabba to mixed results.  I did manage to get some work done before her nap, which is good because I had plenty of it.

Christian came over to get some help on the Half website, and that was pretty productive I think.  I had a meeting scheduled for a little after that one, but it got pushed back to tomorrow.  That was just as well because I was working out some kinks in going live with another website, which ended up taking a bit longer than expected.

It was a beautiful day outside.  Amanda took Milly to the park for a bit.  Reece took Jacob out there too, so she got to play with him for a bit.  I was finishing up work right at 5:00, but a couple important phone calls pushed me back a good bit.  I planned on going for a jog but it was well after 6:00 by the time I really ended up finishing, so I didn’t.  Then Duke played at 7 (Milly went to bed at halftime) and Amanda and I watched The River and The Soup.

I started playing a game on the iPhone yesterday called Draw Something.  You pick from a list of words then draw them on your phone and whoever you’re playing with has to guess what it is (there are letters to choose from), then they get a turn and you have to guess their drawing.  It’s highly addictive.  My only complaint is that there don’t seem to be enough words, or else the words come up too often.  I introduced Michael to it this evening and I got to draw Kobe twice for him already.

Zach Dotsey