By the time we got to our hotel, the Encore, and settled in it was a little after 10:00 local time, meaning it was 1:00 to us. Stanton gave us a room on the 53rd floor (though I noticed the elevator skipped from 39 to 50).

Amanda was famished and worn out from being sick (I think she’s about a day behind me, so she should feel a little stuffy but much better tomorrow). We wandered around looking for food, but most of the places we found were closed already. We finally settled on a place, but by then she was hungry but appetiteless and totally worn out, so I walked her up to the room. (We hadn’t brought both keys.)

I ate with Stanton, Sarah and their friend Nate. There are 12 people in our party total, but we didn’t see any of the rest of them. I like Nate though.

After eating we blew a bunch of money on roulette. Sarah did pretty well though, and I think Nate did alright. I finally went to bed at 5:00 our time, so I’d been up close to 23 hours.

This morning we had room service delivered to us. It was pretty delish. Amanda and I are about to head out to explore the hotel a bit and maybe blow some money on slots and roulette.

Our room at the Encore is amazing.  Panoramic view of the Strip, a little room with an office setup and couch, a bathroom like you see in movies with all-glass walls and a bench for the stand-up shower.  I thought about how cool it would be to conduct business from there.

Zach Dotsey