Amanda and I never did play slots or roulette, just blackjack.

Yesterday was Stanton’s birthday, which was kind of the reason for the trip. It was also Will’s girlfriend Emily’s birthday. We finally saw them this morning when we, they, Stanton and Sarah went to Treasure Island to get lunch (breakfast for some) from a Vietnamese place there.

After lunch we didn’t see Will and Emily for a while- she got sick. It wasn’t the food though. She’s got some sort of bug I think. The rest of us spent some time playing blackjack. We enjoyed our dealer and the pit boss. Amanda and I also met Stan’s friends Finneus and DK.

Around 5:00 we started dispersing to go get ready for the evening and at 6:00 or so we met up with everyone mentioned above plus Nate, whom I had not seen all day and took two cabs to see Cirque du Soleil: Love. It was amazing, of course.

Five of the seats were together so Stan and Sarah took the other two. I felt bad when I realized our seats were front row and called to offer to switch, but their seats were second row, and the show was starting while I was talking to Sarah anyway. As it turned out, I think we figured out that they were on the other side of a dividing wall.

As I said, the show was great. There were times where there was so much going on that you didn’t know what part to pay attention to. I think there was more than one instance where Amanda asked if I’d seen something, only to tell her no, I had been looking at something else.

We had more than an hour before needing to make our dinner reservations at Musashi Japanese Steakhouse, so a little bit of gambling took place. When we were leaving there was a long line of people waiting for cabs, so Stan talked to someone and we got a limo to take us the 1.9 miles to the restaurant.

Sarah had Googled “best Japanese steakhouse in Vegas” and this place is what she found. It was a small restaurant nestledin a shopping center, but the inside displayed a good number of pictures of famous guests, including P Diddy, Oscar de la Hoya and others.

DK, Fin and another couple (whose names elude me right now) joined us. Theyre all from Los Angeles and they, in particular Fin, were pretty entertaining. The chef was great too, talking to us a lot and putting up with quite a bit.

Amanda and I had our first ever taste of kobe beef, though we only ordered steak and chicken. Will and Emily couldn’t eat all of theirs. Stanton kept asking the chef if he could do some cooking, since it was his birthday.

The LA friends went somewhere else while the rest of us went to play some more blackjack. The table wasn’t kind for a while, but it did turn around, at least for me since I ended up making a little money. In fact, Amanda and I have come out a bit ahead, though we aren’t exactly playing with our own money.

Amanda went up some time after 3:00. Stanton and I went up maybe an hour later. Will and Nate were still playing. We weren’t sure where Sarah and Emily had gotten off to.

Amanda and I just ate breakfast. Yesterday we ordered room service for 10:00 and ended up waiting on it. Today we ordered it for 9:30, but we were still asleep when it got here.

No specific plans today other than to watch the Duke-Carolina game at 4:00 (PST) to see who gets the ACC regular season and becomes the one seed in next week’s ACC Tournament. I feel like there’s less pressure on Duke, which might help because they haven’t played great at Cameron this season. I have no idea which way I think it will go, but I’ll probably put some money on my Blue Devils since I’m in Vegas.

Zach Dotsey