There were no real plans for yesterday except to watch the game. The Duke-Carolina game, of course. Amanda and I are the only Duke fans in our group and literally everyone else is a Tar Heel.

Let me back up.

Breakfast at 9:30.  Yesterday we ordered it for 10:00 and it we wished we’d had it come earlier.  Today we wished we’d had it come later.

We sat in lounge for a while this morning, just hanging out with most of our group. Got to know Finneus and DK a bit.

Put some money on Duke just because.  Shouldn’t have.

Watched game with all the Heels. Got respect from Fin and DK, but the game was a travesty. Duke hit nothing in the first half, Carolina was making just about everything. Down 20 or so in the first half. Made a run in the second and got within 11, but they spent themselves and UNC won by 18. Ugh. Carolina clinched the ACC regular season, a one seed in the ACC tournament and, if they win that, probably a one seed in the NCAA tournament, not to mention the confidence boost they’ll have.

Hung out in room for a while then we were going to eat at a restaurant downstairs, but everyone decided to go to the Cosmo. Amanda had planned to eat then go to bed, so she ended up staying behind.

Ate with Stan and Sarah, met up with others at a bar. Headed back to the Encore and went to Surrender, a club. Everyone was buying me drinks and getting me to dance since it was after midnight and therefore my birthday. Danced with Heather and Fin’s date, Jess a little bit.  Got compliments on my moves by a British girl (whose friend’s birthday was also today), though I’m pretty sure Devon or someone told her to say that, because there’s no way I danced well at all.  This other girl followed me and DK to the bathroom.  DK told me I had a stalker and she wanted babies.  I was afraid she’d walk into the bathroom behind us, but we lost her there.  I went back up a little after that right around 3:00.

Fun time, love Stan’s friends. Really felt like I bonded a bit with DK and Devon in that time and I hit it off with Fin around the game as he was giving me mess about Duke and I gave back a little.