I think I must have napped a bit more than I realized on the trip from Las Vegas to Charlotte because it went by pretty quickly. As Amanda pointed out though, more of our time was occupied with things like looking out the window.

We grabbed bagels from a place in the Charlotte airport then sat for an hour. On this trip Amanda was in row 6 and I was in 20. It was a ridiculously short trip though, so we were fine. She’s felt better too. She doesn’t feel near 100% yet, but she does feel better.

Got a really great text while we were on the shuttle from RDU to the parking lot.

Drive home was uneventful.  Seemed to go by pretty fast.

Milly was crazy happy to see us.  Much better reception than when I was gone to Kentucky for a few days a while back, but then she’s older now.  She was screaming and laughing.  She knew we were in Las Vegas even though Karen said she never mentioned that to her.  I can only think Amanda or I told her when we left that we were going to Las Vegas.  I mean, when we asked where we’d been she said, “You were in Las Vegas.”

Bruce and Harvey were very happy to see us too.  Cobb was pretty indifferent.

Left ear ringing and can’t hear great from it. Figure it’ll be better tomorrow.

In bed at 10.

Zach Dotsey