As we were taking off I reflected on the people we met while we were in Las Vegas and how much I like them all. I also thought about how utterly awesome it was that we got to experience Vegas not as regular tourists, but as people with the means to truly experience it. I don’t mean that in a snooty way, just that we got to enjoy living beyond our means without consequence.

Our plane did a bit of a circle and I kept an eye on the Strip until I could no longer see the Encore, which was one of the last casinos we saw given the direction we went.

I’m pretty sure we saw the Grand Canyon too. I’m pretty sure seeing it from a few thousand feet in the air doesn’t compare with seeing it from the ground, but I was still pretty excited to see it.

Amanda and I ended up sitting together. There was a guy around our ages (a bit younger perhaps) who had the seat next to mine, but he had no problem changing up.

There’s an older lady next to Amanda who chatted with us a bit (though she’s out cold now). Her husband is sitting across the aisle. She said that’s how they always get their seats.

Amanda’s reading The Hunger Games again right now. I’m pretty tired so I think I might try to fall asleep.

The pressure on my ears is a lot less bothersome so far on this flight. While I was watching the Grand Canyon go by it felt like bubbles were making their way up my left auditory canal. Score surfacing and popping. It feels so much better.

Ixnay of the leepsay. I just got some cranberry juice and think I might read some in The Zombie Survival Guide then use the facilities before attempting a nap.