Amanda and I got to experience life with four kids tonight. Well, three really, though the experience was skewed since they were all under three years old.

What happened was that shortly after Amanda got home from work (she worked a little late and had lunch with Cyra) she got a call from Reece saying Stephanie was having bad abdominal pain and they were going to get it checked out, so they asked if we could watch Jacob for a bit. We couldn’t take Emma Love anyway because there was no milk pumped for her.

Milly was excited to see Jacob when she got up from her nap. They entertained each other/themselves for the most part until Reece called to see if we could get Emma Love too, as they were moved from an Urgent Care to Cape Fear and didn’t know how long they’d be there. They were given some formula and Reece have us some money to get some more. Apparently she’s never had formula before Milly and I gave her some tonight.

The evening was a little chaotic. Jacob freaked out when Amanda left, but he calmed down when we all sent upstairs to play and dance in Milly’s room. I left them for a few minutes, but when I came back he wanted to go downstairs and was freaking out about the door being closed. He was better when we all got downstairs.

Amanda got home with Emma Love and dinner. EL wasn’t happy as Amanda tried to fix dinner and I worked on clearing off space to eat. I looked over though and Milly, wearing her Rapunzel dress and wearing a cone princess hat, was sitting next to her rubbing her head and trying to calm her. Given that Milly usually doesn’t like babies, I thought it was just about the sweetest thing ever.

All our small group people canceled tonight except the Sawyers, who brought their son Isaac over. Milly sees him often in line at Grow Zone and has probably since before either of them could walk, but they’ve always been in different rooms and I don’t think they’ve really interacted much before. All three big kids played great together though.

With so much going on it felt like the Sawyers were here and gone and I hate that I didn’t get much time to really visit with them. After they left though we put down Jacob then Milly. EL we put down while the Sawyers were still here. It was funny how Milly, Jacob and Isaac congregated around Emma Love’s pack & play when she was put in it. She cried for just a little bit and woke up twice, but she went back to sleep quickly after getting her pack reinserted.

The Johnson kids are spending the night. Stephanie is being transferred to New Hanover in the morning. She’s got a bowel obstruction and air in her esophagus, whatever all that means. They’re going to do X-rays to determine whether she needs surgery. Reece’s parents will come by in the morning to get the kids.

Other than all that, work kept me busy enough. I spent a large portion of the morning writing to one particular client.

Zach Dotsey