Reece’s parents were here a little after 7:00 to pick up Jacob and Emma Love.  Stephanie and Reece were stuck in the hospital all day today.

Of course Milly heard the commotion and had to get up too, but that was fine because I wasn’t going to get back to sleep after that anyway.

I stayed pretty busy today.  I worked on content for one large site and got a good number of pages done.  I also helped Michael tweak a new site I set up for Jenn yesterday.  Did a few other things here and there.  It was nice out this morning and I was planning on taking Milly for a walk, but she wouldn’t leave me along enough to get enough done to justify that before her nap.  She spent a good bit of the morning conversing with Wolverine (a Pez dispenser), Sad Brobee and Happy Brobee (my new shoes).

Milly’s been on this kick where she likes to wear skirts from her dress-up trunk.  They’re cheap clothes, of course, so they fall apart somewhat easily.  Amanda told Milly that one of her skirts, the one she got from the Johnsons for her birthday that is basically an elastic band with strips of fabric hanging down and now only has a few strips left on it, was sad and to go tell me.  So Milly came back and told me her skirt was sad.  But this one (a black one) was happy!  The way she was holding it up it actually did look like it was smiling.

Amanda and I went to a small group leaders meeting and sat with the Kays and the Warkentiens, but during the breakout session none of our people were there, so we left.  We got home in time to put Milly to bed.  Milly and Kirsten were upstairs and we were going to just let that play out, but Milly started complaining about wanting to wash her paci (just run it under water), which is a thing she’s liked to do lately, and Kirsten couldn’t understand her.  I was listening on the baby monitor and knew that she’d figured it out, but Amanda didn’t hear that and went upstairs to help out because all she heard was Milly’s fussing.

Aside from all that I talked to Jason for a bit today, told him about our Vegas trip and all.  I also had basketball playing on the desktop pretty much all day.  The ACC Tournament started today and there was other good basketball on besides.  I didn’t watch too much of it (except for a few close ones), but I was listening as I worked.

Zach Dotsey