We had Chick-Fil-A for breakfast this morning.  Amanda and I had filled out a thing to get some free breakfast.  After we ate we let Milly play on the playground for a bit.  A few other kids were in there.  I’m not sure how much they interacted, but Milly called them her new friends.  The moms of both of them seemed to be friends and talked to Amanda a bit.

After we got home Amanda and Milly went for a little walk with Bruce then Milly went down for a nap.  Or was the walk later in the afternoon?  Yeah, that might be the case.  Anyway, after Milly went down I ran out to take care of a few things.  When I got back I worked on adding a buttload of content to a site while watching or listening to ACC Tournament games.

We did take a break to go to Coastal Cupcake because they had a promo going on with HALF, though the employee told me that they sold out of the HALF cupcakes within two orders.  We met the Johnsons out there and ate in the small yard in front of the place.  We went ahead and went pretty soon after we made the plans because I was getting to a point where I had to really pay close attention to what I was doing, instead of simply copying, pasting and cleaning up a little code.

On the way out there Milly wanted me to tell her a story, so I told her a story about her playing with friends.  I asked which friends were in the story and she told me Jacob, Graelyn, Eli and Noah.  I stopped at that so I could remember them all.

Speaking of friends, Amanda talked to Allison Mason today and we (mainly she) will be watching Callie and Brynn a couple afternoons a week starting next week.

I finished up around 5:30 and spent some time with the girls.  Milly has been in this funk lately where she’s constantly getting all out of sorts about her boogers, even when I can’t find any.  As best we can tell, the issue is that she needs to blow her nose, but she won’t for some reason.  I remember being little and not wanting to blow my nose either.  It may be related, but she’s also going through a phase where she likes to whine, so we’re trying to work on that.

Duke played at 7:00 against Virginia Tech.  Milly decided to pee through her tights onto the floor right before the game started, so that was fun.  I cleaned her up and Amanda got the floor.  I was still able to make it for the tip.

Duke is without Ryan Kelly, who sprained his ankle, which sucks.  They ended up winning 60-56 (after the Hokies hit a three at the very end), a very low scoring game.  Duke led almost the entire time and I wasn’t particularly worried, although the threes weren’t falling much at all.  Tyler Thornton was player of the game.  He hit three threes (though he missed a bunch too), got a putback or two, played some really nice defense and just hustled his tail off.  It amazes me sometimes that as many great offensive players as Duke has, they can all go cold at the same time sometimes.

Duke will be playing either Miami or Florida State tomorrow afternoon.  Florida State is up six with just under 10:30 left.  On the other side of the bracket Carolina is playing NC State, who I hope doesn’t curl up into a fetal position when they meet.

Syracuse got beat by Cincinnati today.  Cuse is ranked #2 in the country and only had one loss.  I didn’t watch the game, but I did see that they were down big (17, according to the recap I just read), but they only lost by 3.  They played a tough game yesterday against UConn, so maybe they were a bit worn out from that.

Zach Dotsey