Milly woke us up with her crying at about 4:15 this morning.  I went to go check on her and she was complaining about her boogers again. I kind of rolled my eyes, at least internally, but then I realized she had something all over her mouth and it was a bit dark to be snot.  Turned out she had a nosebleed.  It was all over the area of her mouth covered by her paci and on her pillow.  Took a little bit to clean up. She was fine though.  On the plus side, we’ve gotten her to stop messing with her nose so much because we can now tell her that if she or we mess with it too much it might bleed again.

We spent the morning at a park near the mall for Dakota Boneske’s birthday party.  The Warkentiens were already there and Milly had me push her on a swing, but she let go, probably to brush the hair out of her face, at the top of a push and did a slow motion backflip and landed on her stomach.  She was fine, but she was in a pretty poor mood for a while after that.

The child really seems to want to go through some stuff.  We had to fight her a bit this morning to get her ready to go.  I put her in the corner near her room and she kept messing with the doorknob.  When she wouldn’t stop I gave her hand a (light) smack and that set her to crying pretty hard.  I honestly didn’t even hit it hard at all.

Milly ended up having a really good time and quickly took to playing with Penelope Davis and Maggie Millard.  At one point Milly said something, I forget exactly what, but Penelope, who was sitting right next to her, said, “You can play with me!”  It was really sweet.  But yeah, Milly had a good time playing.  At one point she told, “I’m going to play with my friends.  Go play with your friends, Daddy.”  As in, “Please stop following me around.”

Milly went down for a nap when we got home and I watched Carolina almost lose to NC State.  There was some key questionable reffing at the end of the game, which even most Carolina fans acknowledge.  Then I watched most of a tight game between Duke and Florida State.  I only got to watch the first half at home because we had somewhere important to be, so I tried watching some of it in the car on my phone, but the feed looked bad and kept hanging up or skipping.  I finally turned it on the radio and heard Duke lose by three.  The way Duke has been playing, and especially without Ryan Kelly, I wasn’t overly disappointed.  Tomorrow the Heels and the Noles face off for the ACC Championship.  Go Seminoles!

Before we left Amanda discovered that she had lost an earring, one she had only worn twice before.  We stopped by the park to look for it then Amanda stopped at the mall to exchange a broken earring she had bought and something something.  I was trying to pay attention to the game.

We left there and went to Randy Black’s house, which is where the important thing we were going to was.  You see, when we were on the shuttle from the airport to the parking lot on Monday, we received a text from Christian saying he was going to be proposing to Hannah today and that he wanted a bunch of people who were important to him and Hannah to be at his dad’s house for a celebration afterwards.  So that’s where we went.  We got there and didn’t have to wait long before they drove up, honking the horn and all.  Hannah said she had no idea all the cars were there for them until she saw her dad.

We had a good time celebrating with everyone, though it did get pretty cold.  There was food and music and a lot of happy people.  Milly got passed around to a bunch of people.  She has no problem making friends.  Barry took her to a drainage pond and told her there were fairies in the water (the bugs or whatever that made ripples on the surface).

We left around 7:30 and put Milly in bed, but not before discovering that the dogs had gotten into the trash.  Bruce had a plastic bag caught around his middle, and every time he walked Milly burst out laughing.  I seriously think she thought it was the funniest thing she ever saw.

Zach Dotsey