We lost an hour last night.  Milly was in a cheery mood when I first went to get her up, but she fought us pretty hard on putting on the dress we picked out for her and she got put in the corner for our trouble.  She was mostly fine after that though.

As we were leaving church Milly said she wanted her blanket and paci.  Keep in mind that she was up earlier than usual due to the time change.  So we asked her if she’d rather go home to get her blanket and paci and take a nap or go get a muffin.  She said blanket and paci, so we went on home.  We didn’t have too much trouble getting her to go down.

Amanda made bagels with eggs for us and we watched The Soup.  She then made macaroni and cheese for dinner tonight while I watched Florida State try to win their first ever ACC Championship against Carolina.  They got up 16 points in the first half, but it got cut to nine points before the half.  Florida State tried to lose it in the second half, but they held on and won, so congrats to them!  Of course, if you know me then you know I’m mainly just happy that the Heels didn’t get the satisfaction of winning the ACC Championship and that Florida State swept them.

Sure, as Michael pointed out, Carolina didn’t have Henson, but I pointed out that Duke didn’t have Ryan Kelly yesterday.  He said Ryan Kelly isn’t John Henson, but Ryan Kelly is still one of Duke’s top players.  Either player very likely would have made a three point difference, but what is is.

After the game was over we packed up and went to Anna and Barry’s to celebrate my birthday.  The whole Frazelle clan was there and Michael and Jenn came too.  Maddie and Christian were there, as well as Barry’s friend Jeff.  (It’s not like they were there because it was for my birthday, but it was nice to see them anyway.)

While there I watched the second half of Ohio State and Michigan State, which was a great game.  Michigan State pulled it out in the end.  Kentucky lost today too, which was a bit of a surprise.  I don’t think any of that had much to do with tournament seeding though, which I watched after that game.

Duke got a #2 seed in Kentucky’s region.  They potentially face teams like Baylor, Notre Dame, Xavier then UK (assuming the Wildcats get past UConn in their second round and possibly Indiana, who upset them earlier in the season).  For getting the top #1 seed UK got hosed, and for getting the second #2 seed, Duke got a tough draw.  Carolina might face some competition from Creighton in the second round as they’re a good three point shooting team, but they probably won’t be challenged until the Elite 8 by Kansas, assuming Kansas doesn’t lose to a mid-major as they like to do in the tournament.  They have a potential Final Four match with Syracuse though, so there’s something.  NC State made it to the NCAA Tournament too, though they were the very last team announced.  Still, good for them.

I enjoyed my birthday dinner.  It was salad, turkey, Amanda’s homemade mac & cheese, cranberry sauce and green beans with Anna’s chocolate chocolate cake for dessert.  I got a few presents too.  Michael gave me an expansion for Small World and Anna and Barry got me some really nice headphones.  I had actually mentioned wanting some nice ear-covering headphones to run with to Barry a few weeks ago, but they got them because Amanda mentioned it to Anna when Anna asked what I wanted.  They really are nice though.  I put them on at the noisy dinner table and they blocked out almost all of the sound.  I’ve got them on now, listening to Pandora.  Amanda (and Milly) got me a shirt and a pullover.  They’re both light and very soft.

We got home in time to put Milly to bed and settle down before The Walking Dead came on.  I was very surprised by the ending.  You could tell that what was going to happen was about to happen, but Amanda and I both thought it was going to happen in a different way.  And then you’re left with a hell of a cliffhanger.  Can’t wait for next week’s episode.

Zach Dotsey