Milly cried around 4 this morning. Found her in the rocking chair with the changing table drawer open, looking for a paci. Amanda decided what we’ve thought about anyway- we need to start weaning her off the paci soon.

Despite the auspicious start, had a nice time with Milly today. She got up at 8:30 and we ate cereal together and played some before Karen arrived. They went out after a while and I worked.

Karen brought me some lunch when they came back. She put Milly down for a nap then headed out, though I was on the phone with a client and didn’t get to say bye. I did wave at least.

Amanda got home at about 5:30. I was still working and she got Milly up. Amanda left with Cyra to go to a Mary Kay thing she’d been invited to on Friday by someone we met at Chick-Fil-A.

I finished work shortly after Amanda left. Milly and I went outside to go for a walk. Milly wanted to get in the wagon, which was just as well since she had a princess dress on, but almost as soon as we got on the street we saw Kenzie and Kimber and Milly decided she wanted to play. I eventually convinced her to change into some pants so she wouldn’t get her dress all messed up. I mostly just talked to Deanna, who was out with the girls, while they ran around and blew bubbles.

They went in for dinner and Milly and I continued our walk down to the end of the road when Milly told me she wanted to walk Bruce on his leash, so we went back and got him. Milly did a pretty admirable job of walking the chihuahua.

It was close to 7:30 when we got back to the house. I made us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and we snuggled up on the couch to watch an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba. Milly remarked that my sandwich was big, so I said, “Yeah, I’ve got a big daddy sandwich.” She replied: “Yeah, and I got a little Milly sandwich.”

When the show was over we were going upstairs when Milly said she wanted to wear her snail pajamas. They’re these onesies that just barely fit her, but they appear to be her favorite pajamas. I squeezed her into them and read Horton Hatches the Egg to her and put her to bed. She said what she was thankful for and prayed with me all on her own, which she hasn’t done unprompted in quite a while.

Amanda got home just after 9:00. We watched The River then she went to bed. I was checking out what was on Netflix (which we seem to do more than actually watching anything on it) and decided to watch The Monarchy, a series about the history of the British monarchy.

When that was done I saw something about a movie called Life in a Day. It was put together from video submissions from people from all over the world taken on July 24, 2010. I really liked it. I need to look back and see what I was doing that day.

I need to fill out my NCAA Tournament bracket. I saw a link today where you’re given all the match ups but you’re not told which team is which. It gives ratings on experience, hot streaks, defense, offense and three point shooting. You can also see what kind of conference they’re from and the general range of their RPI. It fills out your real bracket based on your picks, and I ended up, blindly, mind you, with Kansas beating Duke in the championship game. I like it, so I think I’ll go with it for my brackets this year. However, since I’ve got Duke in the title game I’ll go ahead and out them as the winners. Duke did already beat Kansas once this year in another tournament.

I’m such a homer. I know this.

Zach Dotsey