Milly was up early this morning, but thanks to Playhouse Disney, and a cup of Froot Loops delivered to my dear daughter by my adoring wife before she left for work, I was actually able to sleep in a little.  Once I did wake up, Milly suggested that we get on the floor and spin around and laugh, which was a  perfectly fine idea.

She wanted to take a bath after we played a little, so I thought, sure, why not?  While she was in the tub she told me she was a mermaid.  A minute later she said, “Daddy, I pooted.”

“You pooted?”

“Yeah,” she confirmed.  “I pooted like a mermaid.”  I had never before considered whether mermaids pooted or not.  I guess they’d have to, right?

A few minutes later Milly was washing shampoo out of her hair and got some in her eyes, which put her in a bad mood and kind of wrecked the fun we’d been having up to that point, though she got back on track after I gave her some cereal.  She was ready for nap time though, which she told me at about 11:30.  I always like it when she tells me she’s ready to sleep.

Amanda brought home sandwich supplies instead of Little Caesar, which seems to have become our de facto Tuesday lunch.  I was in the mood for pizza, but turkey and cheese with lettuce on a hoagie with a side of mixed ranch and cheddar Pringles worked just fine.

Amanda spent a bit of the day watching the finale of The Bachelor.  He chose the villain of the season, which I wasn’t too surprised about because she was the one who showed a bit of a wild side.  After that Amanda and Milly spent some time outside.

It was really nice out and I went jogging for the first time in a couple weeks.  I wore my new headphones, which do a great job of blocking sound so I reversed my route to make sure I’d be facing traffic.  I pushed myself a bit and got through some of the pain in my right knee.  I did walk for a few stretches, but I walked less than usual.  It really helped to have landmarks to push myself towards.

I was texting Stanton yesterday asking if he still wanted to jump out of an airplane, something he’d mentioned while we were in Vegas.  I’ve always wanted to, so I wanted to get that in motion.  He’s going to talk to Sarah about coming down here one weekend.

Zach Dotsey