When Milly got up this morning she gave me a big hug, like usual.  Then she gave me a couple tackles.  Then she wanted me to tackle her, which was pretty fun.

She slept in a bit, which I let her do when she will on Mondays since Karen watches her and usually takes her out somewhere and she had a late nap.  Today they went to Learning Express and BrrBerry, a frozen yogurt place.  She came home with a pair of scissors.  They’re very kid safe though, which I know because I tried them on one of my fingers and they didn’t punch me at all.

Had lots of work to do.  More than I thought.  Would have worked later but around 6:30 Milly wanted me to help her in the bathroom and I just ended up staying with her for a while.  She mostly just sat on my lap on the couch.  She was very playful with me and Amanda when we were putting her down for the night.

Amanda and I spent the evening watching Once Upon a Time and an episode of House from a while back.  Mainly we just played Draw Something.  I hadn’t gone since probably Saturday so I had lots of games waiting on me.

Guess I’ll get back to work now.

Zach Dotsey