I just counted and I currently have 21 games of Draw Something going on.  Granted, not everyone is terribly active on it, but man, that’s a lot of drawing going on.  Amanda and I were sitting on the couch after watching some TV but before she went to bed with our faces buried in our iWhatevers, which prompted me to ask if we ever do anything besides draw something in our spare time anymore.

Amanda, by the way, has some really excellent drawings.

Speaking of free time, I haven’t had much lately.  I’ve got three projects I’m trying to finish up at the end of this week and another one to start after those.  I spent literally all day today putting content on a website, and tomorrow I’ll likely spend all day finishing that one up and doing another one.  It’s good to be busy, of course, but I would rather it not be data entry.

Milly was in an awesome mood this morning.  I walked into her room at 8:00 and she sat up and said, “I’m awake!”  That’s often the first thing she says these days.  Then we played with Violet, her stuffed dog that has songs and games when you squeeze its paws.  It’s the first time Milly’s engaged with Violet in a while, outside of how we use it to play music for bedtime.  At one point Violet asked Milly to tell a story, so Milly looked around and started naming “pretty” items.  “Pretty bed, pretty lips, pretty flowers…”  While her imagination is definitely budding, she doesn’t appear to have story creation down yet.

I put Milly down for a nap at 10:30 because Amanda was taking her to the mall later and she wouldn’t have much of an opportunity to nap later, but I don’t know if she ever went to sleep.  She was good though, or at least Amanda didn’t mention her being bad, and they did meet up with Stephanie and Jacob at the park, which Amanda wouldn’t have done if Milly had been in a bad mood.

I worked until almost 7:30.  When I realized how late it was I stopped and joined my girls in the living room.

Milly woke up crying twice tonight because she had pooped.  We’re pretty low on pullups now, so hopefully she’ll make it through the night.  She HATES pooping on the potty, so she’ll usually just wait until she falls asleep to let it go.  I would really appreciate her getting over that.

Zach Dotsey